Bridal Shower 2.0

After the first bridal shower I became extra cautious with words, acts, omissions or the like performed by my friends. Safe to say, I put on my suspicious cap on and always questioned whatever my friends told me to the extent of aggregate annoyance haha.

But just when I thought I am smart enough, my friends are apparently wayyyy smarter.

The idiots showered me in another two surprises, also when my look was at its worst! T.T

This one was from my debate family. Continue reading “Bridal Shower 2.0”


Better Dejavu

I dislike taking credit for what isn’t mine, but what happened last weekend deserved a limelight I can’t afford not to write.

Oh, not that 2-day kursus kahwin I was forced to go, no no. That was never a consideration for public record. *erase from memory* Continue reading “Better Dejavu”


“I’m not gonna sacrifice my one month holiday, ever.”

Phrase I said weeks ago with a firm period at its end. Thought someone might’ve chloroform-ed me, left me unconscious because the last thing I knew, I made daddy booked my return flight tix, hopped on the plane and well, back to UM -_-‘ The least favorite thing to do during holiday. Continue reading “ASTAR ’16”

Conquering Sungai Chilling

Contrary to popular belief, I do love outdoor activities…

Don’t fall off your chair yet and please, for God’s sake pick up the dropping jaw on floor will you? Fine, I may not look like the one who owns Nike Roshe or Stella McCartney for Adidas gears but deep down inside, I enjoy evaporating sweat through my pores, flushing healthy crimson on both cheeks or maybe in the most realistic words, pretending like I am the gorgeous Elsa Hosk doing those ridiculous workouts… Extra points if the activity relates to nature in where my hesitation point is almost untraceable.

That’s why when my MORUM flock decided to conquer Chilling River, I was among the first to nod my agreement and enthusiastically prepared a draft of submission to be presented orally to my very own Federal Court, mi madre. Of course seeking for Mama’s permission equates to submitting memorandum of peace to UN’s Head Quarters; details of the plan need to be meticulously drafted, parties need to be within her knowledge, state of mental slash physical health is obliged to meet a certain minimum requirement, etc. So when Mama consented me to trail them to Chilling, it took me a couple of minutes to digest her words, ensuring I misheard nothing. Nope, my sense of hearing was completely working!

Apa lagi, we went straightly to the nearest 24 hours grocer and did some shopping.

photo 1

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And the one who looks like a kindergarten kid here is the master planner.
photo 1

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By the way, if I may share with you my humblest two cents, never ever underestimate the power of Chilling River. Climbing up to its seventh station was no shrinking violet! Before we began the journey my not so learned friend briefed us that the ‘mini’ jungle trekking will take roughly half an hour, seven streams level buku lali only, and basically everything that falls into the category of ‘you have nothing to be afraid of’. Is anyone named Adam reading this? Hehe.

So bearing his words of wisdom in mind, I wore only a very thin selipar jepun, packed ‘necessities’ inside my River Island’s leather backpack, and oh when I mentioned necessities it includes perfume, make up and lotions… I know right? What was I thinking?

The journey took almost two hours, a complete contrast to Adam’s previous contention. The streams’ current was damn strong that some of us almost got drowned. Six cell-phones were destroyed, luckily the iPhone clans survived phewww! (Moral of the story: nothing beats Apple,period). But at the end of the day, the climb was reaaaally worth it!

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photo 1

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photo 3

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photo 4


Finally ticked one item in my uni bucket-list.


Royale Debate 2015

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 two days ago and when Chloe said ‘Bella is my life’ I can totally relate to mine; MORUM is my life. What a nerd lah to say that but as much as I constantly deny this obvious truth, the emotional jerk kicks in even harder. Or maybe I can blame my post-debate withdrawal syndrome, you know, I am not usually this sentimental. Come on!

So I just got back from UMP after nearly six days surviving life with no sashimi. (But nasi kukus Mama was an ultimate bomb!). I went there for the ‘World Cup in Uni Debate Arena’, The Royale Debate (aka Debat DiRaja). Continue reading “Royale Debate 2015”