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I am named Kiasatina Othman, but if you feel like cutting the name short Kia would do. 25-year old, with indifinite attitude ranging from 5 to 52. A result of a few trait combos- majorly Malay, tiny portions of Siamese, Chinese and Arabic.

I am one entity in the many who enrolled in law school, survived, got rewarded with an LLB scroll (and bunch of bubbly memories which if I’d ever be given a chance to relive, I would). Currently practicing (majorly) corporate laws and still in awe to be part of the worldly reality that differs from what I was once taught in law school.

Fancy travelling above all hobbies. But since it can only be done when I have the time and most importantly, cash, so in many hours you can find me settling with reading, playing chess, photojournalism, finding killer eateries, flatlay-ing, or the cheapest of all- Netflix. I have a soft spot in my heart for make up and cooking too.


Bits and pieces of everything! Experiences, travel tales, public speaking diaries, the make ups I dabbed on my face, reading list…


Because I cannot find my diary! 😛 No, I still enjoy physical writing but decided to hop in the modern bandwagon and started to jot down my life journey on a virtual canvas. Well, curiosity kills the cat! The last thing I know I got addictive to this blogging thingy.


To inspire people and preach Article 10(1) of the Federal Constitution.


2 thoughts on “The Blogger

  1. hellooo!!! i’ve watched ur performance in debate match of ‘kemerdekaan’ on 2014!! seriously in love with ur arguments hehe. just then, i search ur name on google and found ur blog :))) really adore u sis. btw aif u hv any time, do visit my blog

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