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Myself is named Kiasatina Othman, a name which as simple as it sounds, had twisted many tongues prior to being accustomed. I call Kuala Lumpur my home but comfortably declare myself a citizen of the world (I wish I wish I wish!).

One entity in the many who enrolled in law school, survived, got rewarded with an LLB scroll (and bunch of bubbly memories which had I ever be given a chance to relive, I would). Or maybe not. Working life has keep me going and taught me a lot about life values. I am now succumbing to being a corporate slave in one of the most renowned law firms in Malaysia.

Most recent title above all, a missus whereby I’ve the knot with my six-year boyfriend. His presence on this blog is pretty religious btw *rolling eyes*.

Fancy travelling above all hobbies. But since it can only be done when I have the time and most importantly, cash, so in many hours you can find me settling with reading, playing chess, photojournalism, finding killer eateries, flatlay-ing, or the cheapest of all- Netflix.


Bits and pieces of everything! Experiences, travel tales, public speaking diaries, the make ups I dabbed on my face, reading list…


Having lived this life for a quarter century, it becomes evident to me that time passes by too rapidly. And more often than not in between the swift time passing by, the good o’ memories tend to slip off our minds. So this the loophole I noticed thus the blog is my counter-measure. I want to record my fleeting moments in life, be it when life throws me its occasional curve balls or afloat me with its glories so that in years to come, I would recall phasing through this life beautifully.


To inspire people and preach Article 10(1) of the Federal Constitution.



2 thoughts on “The Blogger

  1. hellooo!!! i’ve watched ur performance in debate match of ‘kemerdekaan’ on 2014!! seriously in love with ur arguments hehe. just then, i search ur name on google and found ur blog :))) really adore u sis. btw aif u hv any time, do visit my blog

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