The Wedding Ring(s)

Post engagement, I learned a great deal about diamond rings and in pursuant to the learning I became so obsessed over a piece of jewelry.

I googled top celebrities’ rings and ended up envying how fortunate Kim Kardashian’s life is. Close tab. Then re-open the tab only to realize I can never afford that bloody 9ct diamond using my current income. Close tab again.

But you know, to be disappointed over fate aint a good idea. After all I’ll be getting a diamond ring too, and not just any grandma’s unwanted sentimental piece LOL! Continue reading “The Wedding Ring(s)”


We Tied The Knot!

Six years ago, when I was still a very innocent uni student I was invited to join the uni’s debate team recruit. That too, was when I met UM debate captain for the first time ever .

When I saw him I knew he must be the one I needed to impress the most so I made the move to be noticed. (Which turned out wrong because to date, he kept on proclaiming I was the one who tackled him first *rolling eyes*). Approached him, gave him ideas so he knew my brilliance.

From that little approach I made (ugh) he became one important person I appreciate having around. But still I was not at all serious when I said yes to dating him, what’s more to build a life together. (Just thought uni life would be much easier to have a senior boyfriend hahaha). Back then he was just “another boyfriend”, just like all the 12 guys I dated before.

But slowly, from debate captain to debate teammate to debate coach, law school senior, he became a boyfriend who patiently weathered all my unreasonable antics, then a fiancée who was so committed to tie the knot.

And then on 25.8.2017 he married me. Superseded all prior titles, this guy is now my husband! And I am a PUAN for God’s sake!

I am still over the moon with this marriage so my perspective is all the good things and my description about marriage is..confirmed biased. But all I can say is it feels so surreal to wake up to him every morning, to salam his hands before work, to return home to his warm hug and just cuddle on the couch doing nothing else (I’m such a disgusting wife). Life sure feels so purposeful at the moment, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.


I would not want to have this the other way round.

I love you baby.

Hashtag #BiniClingy


Hours To Go…

Situation: Boarding the plane, KLIA.

It’s a matter of HOURS now. My wedding day is too near to be true. In all honesty, I don’t even feel a pinch of nervousness particularly in regards my status transformation within the next few hours. My friends were expressing their excitedness to see me tying the knots. Even asked me on which par my nervousness is at the moment.
I told them none. I feel nothing.
But I do admit I have a heightened fear over the wedding ceremonies. Probably because I cannot oversee the preparation back in hometown so I don’t get to feel the thrill. To date my “momager” is doing pretty excellent so I cannot be truly bothered of the preparation. She got everything on the plate, covered!
Back to the marriage. (You see, marriage and wedding are two distinct terms). This is a huge leap I am about to do. Not only because I will no longer be able to tick off the “Single” box in “Marital Status” column the next time I fill forms (huge deal dios mio!) but I also have the silly 6-year partner of mine to take care of. God! Laundry for two, meals for two, financial management for two, mortgages for two, and…oh my God I can’t believe I am saying this but yeah inescapable saving for two plus more to come! #imgonnabestingyguys #amgonnairritateyou
Albeit the extensive “for two” list, I have faith that together, we both can work this out.
I was once told marriage is a platform which makes us stronger. It trains how to juggle between major commitments, how to be more responsible, how you will find it difficult to face someone who all these time, when you had a fight with you will just ignore them and not seeing them for days. But after this despite the cold shoulders and heated arguments I’d still be seeing his silly face in bed. What if I have to give in my precious remote control, sacrifice my GOT Monday routine just to give way for his live football match? Ohhh no no miso not ready for this one!
Still got time to rethink right?*nervous grin*
Yes righttt???
Fruit, it’s a no.

Bye! Boarding to my MRS title now 😬

Bridal Shower 2.0

After the first bridal shower I became extra cautious with words, acts, omissions or the like performed by my friends. Safe to say, I put on my suspicious cap on and always questioned whatever my friends told me to the extent of aggregate annoyance haha.

But just when I thought I am smart enough, my friends are apparently wayyyy smarter.

The idiots showered me in another two surprises, also when my look was at its worst! T.T

This one was from my debate family. Continue reading “Bridal Shower 2.0”

Bridal Shower 1.0

I envy Kim Kardashian the most when it comes to dream wedding. From the things I can afford to things I can only dream of having for example her 20-ct engagement ring (duh obviously), I want it all to be like Kimberly. Talking no joke here but if I can afford it I will definitely hire Riccardo Tisci to design a Muslimah-fy KimK’s Givenchy dress.

But out of all things-a-girl-can-envy-from-KimK’s-wedding, topping my list is her intimate wedding. Low key, attended by only close friends and family, details of events were pretty scant. So I kept quiet. Not dropping hints and only informed our closest friends about it (and blackmailed them to keep shut).

Until this one night I can’t keep gold in my mouth any longer. Thanks to my noisy friends for making it known to the whole world and basically just crushed away my Kardashian private nuptial dream. Continue reading “Bridal Shower 1.0”

Engagement: The Make-Up

Contrary to popular belief, the make-up department was not on top of the list which I dived in first thing first. To begin with, I listed three most well-known MUAs in my hometown. My financial status during that time was not agreeable to hiring Najeeb Azami, Syed Dewa, Khir Khalid or the comrades just yet. Continue reading “Engagement: The Make-Up”

Engagement : The Photographer

Deciding on the photographer was probably the most straightforward department I encountered throughout the process. From the beginning I knew I wanted 10BucksPhoto for i) familiarity reason (by familiarity I mean the Instagram-kinda-familiarity haha) and ii) refer (i). Thus I did not even bother to ask for others’ quote because that time I was very persistent with my decision. Continue reading “Engagement : The Photographer”

Engagement: The Bridesmaids’ Attire

One thing you can’t avoid for being the first in the gang to “almost-tie-the-knot” is a bunch of excited buddies. These are the ones are willing to fork out cash no matter what, the ones who will bother you with 2-am whatsapp messages just to ask if lemon yellow or pale yellow is the same thing because in their minds you work in Pantone and the ones who don’t give a D if you are working or not as long as their queries sent in the group chat are cleared. I faced this bunch! I almost cancelled my plan to have them around #justkidding #ormaybenothahaha Continue reading “Engagement: The Bridesmaids’ Attire”

Engagement: The Dress Part II

Post in continuance of The Dress Part I

Deciding on the design

After admiring the lace for quite some times, I decided to go with my rough plan; a simple modern kurung with a flared skirt, realizing the limitation I faced with only a 2.5m lace. Nonetheless to my surprise my tailor claimed she can make it work for a full-length dress! Awesome isn’t she? My life savior over the years! She even proposed a trailing peacock tail to flaunt the exaggeration of the dress.

I thought…why not? Continue reading “Engagement: The Dress Part II”

Engagement: The Dress Part 1

Of all things I’ve been through for the engagement ceremony, the dress I wore has the utmost priority. Such is life even for other girls. If anything else fails our dress shouldn’t amiright?

But still three months prior to the engagement I had no clue on how I wanted my dress to turn out. The bottomline for my pickings was simple and nothing OTT. While I preferred any pastel color, Ajai opted for the darker hues. Ish so pening! Continue reading “Engagement: The Dress Part 1”