MORUM Got Covered

Roughly a week ago MORUM (Majlis Orator Universiti Malaya) or better known as my foster family in UM real life was featured in the press. Not our first time though (cheeewah) because medias usually covered us for winning stories but this time around it was totally different. It covers MORUM itself!


I feel the need to record this in the blog because it was so special to me! Initiated after winning Royal Debate, two reporters approached me and Adam asking us to be interviewed in the near future. Wasn’t so near though. Both of us were contacted months after Royal so covering the winning story will be a lapuk move.

That’s why when I was in the UK, Adam’s debate story was released by the press. Clearly that guy stole the brightest limelight for securing Best Debater’s Award during Royal, chaait.

Me on the other hand, was contacted for the same purpose at the same time Adam’s story was out. Column for Tokoh Student kinda thing like the one covering my mate. What a boring story will it be, no? So I suggested instead of covering me (the less successful compared to Adam and my super seniors), why not make it about the club I am so devoted to? They said yes so we proceeded! 😀

Though responding to the interview questions was done within a very short time, not to mention burning my lunch hour during internship too, in the end the cover up made by Kak Gee drives us to work harder!

Guess that’s what we do for love.

p/s If you squinted your eyes to read the article, you are awesome boo!


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