Pearl Goes To Uni

I remember the day Thaqifah was borne was one of the happiest days in my life. I was 8, waiting for my dad to pick me up from school to visit le madre who just gave birth to my first ever baby sister! I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear, can’t stop bragging to my friends even because finally God granted me an akin species of sibling, not another one who forced me to wear his Power Rangers masks and sword-fight one another. Phew! Continue reading “Pearl Goes To Uni”


Note to Self: Do Not Speak Too Soon

Honestly I was (was not am, stay tune for explanation) one of the chill moms who have easy breezy pregnancy that I started to think about having Baby No. 2 when in second month. Hehe. I did not get morning sickness, I had no major food cravings and I attended to work as if nothing is baking. I even rolled my eyes to expecting moms who complained of lethargy thinking what a lame excuse to escape works they gave!

But my easy days did not last forever.

Come middle second trimester, a brand new sickness said hello to this momma. It all started with a coin-sized scab on my ankle. I paid no attention to the wound until I noticed it got spread up to both legs of mine and I can’t stop scratching the itchy parts. The itchiness worsen when in Korea where the weather was a lot colder I can’t bare my skin to the strong gushy wind. To certain extent the wounds abscessed. I remember being so helpless and begged Ajai to cure my eczema, with stream of tears flowed down my cheeks. Continue reading “Note to Self: Do Not Speak Too Soon”

New Ramadan

Before we knew it, another round of Ramadan is already here. Alhamdulillah, all praises to the Almighty for yet another opportunity to experience the best time of the year for us Muslims, again. I honestly looked forward for this Ramadan as I was able to foresee how much of a difference this Holy month will impacted myself.

First of all, this is my first Ramadan as a wife. As much as it excites me, the meal prep part, alas, is the most hesitated one. Throughout my single years sahoor meal had been nothing but very, very straightforward. Cereal off the box cum hot drink, settle. Enough to gimme the energy for the next 12 hours. But now I have a husband who labels my sahoor meal “ridiculuous”. That being said I have to prepare his nasi and accompanying lauk, else I’d be having a grumpy companion for the rest of my day. Fuhhhh, Allah give me strength on this one please! Flash news: After two weeks of Ramadan it’s sahoor tapau for le hubs now! Continue reading “New Ramadan”

Tiny Feet Can’t Keep Still

Dear E,

Mummy is at the stage of pregnancy where I can feel not subtly but obviously, your strong kicks. This is the stage I have been dreaming of since my teenage years because I am a gatal girl like that, you know.

But to be honest I love, love, love it when you kick me. Your kicks fill my heart in a way I can never ever explain, not even to your dad who will play with his phone, put his palms on Mummy’s tummy when I force him hard enough to do so and almost merajuk already, enjoyed it until your second kick then back to his phone. So when you are here soon you know which parent to love more okay baby? #westartearlyonthisdepartment Continue reading “Tiny Feet Can’t Keep Still”

Homework For Mommy

E needs to know this one thing; Daddy is the parent resting on the kiasu-er side when it comes to breeding a smart child. He believes in starting early, as early as he found out about E’s existence. I am hundred percent positive this has to do with an article he read claiming children inherit madre’s intelligence so naturally he has a tiny bit of shattered faith in regards to my braininess. Well, an insult he carefully justified with a brand new Balenciaga so mommy’s faith is restored…

Thus in a bid to make his child smarter he put on his nerd cap and researched on the to-do. Oh E please understand that your daddy is so not keen of researching work, that’s naturally my forte so when Daddy does exactly that it means he loves you more than he loves mommy… Continue reading “Homework For Mommy”

The End of An Era

One fine morning after breakfast, I slid in my favourite Zara working pants. This is the pants belonging to my “BEST INVESTMENT EVER” folder and I cherished wearing it whether to work or to leisure. Suffice to say, it’s the pants I had worn seven days in a row without laundry bahahha.

When the pants slid up to my belly, suddenly it got too tight. I looked south and noticed that I have about seven centimeters gap to unite from one hook to another. What. The. Fruit! Okay okay, one more try! I breathed in, hold on my breath and tried to bring the hooks together but to no avail. Slowly, still in denial I slid outta that pants, weep over my fate and wondered how on Earth can’t a piece I happily don two days ago fit me now? Continue reading “The End of An Era”

Hagia Sophia

We began our Turkey chapter by touring Istanbul, the most cosmopolitan region of the country. Suffice to say, when you are in Istanbul you cannot not visit the typical landmarks that makes Istanbul, Istanbul.

First on the list is the Hagia Sophia. Also known as Ayasofia. This great architectural beauty located in the heart of Sultanahmet was built a church in Byzantine era before Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II conquered Istanbul and converted it into a mosque. It served its purpose until in 1931 President Ataturk ordered for Ayasofia’s closure prior to reopening it in 1935 as a museum to the public.

When we queued for the ticket we were ushered by the locals offering shortcuts and toured guide in the Hagia Sophia. This, you have to be an extra level careful because Istanbul is known as a city of cunning scammers and one of their top modus operandi is offering tour guide services at touristy spots.

Both Ajai and I could not be bothered with their services because (i) we don’t mind queuing; (ii) their price was triple the tix price; and (iii) we can always stand near to a tour group, pretending and pointing to structures when we are actually keeping our ears close to the tour-guide explanation (such is travel hack, people hehehe). Continue reading “Hagia Sophia”

Deciding On Turkey

Okay that’s it. Almost eight months of marriage and not a single post on our honeymoon. I’d better get something worked on before that tiny little hooman inhabiting my tummy pops out to face the world.  Here we go. Story of our long, overdue honeymoon journey *cracking knuckles*.

Both Ajai and I, we did not go for honeymoon straight away after the wedding. We got married in summer and the dreamy teenagy me had always wanted to go for a winter honeymoon so we waited for over four months to go slightly further than the Asia continent.

He wanted London but I thought it was a mehhh choice Continue reading “Deciding On Turkey”

So The Bosses Knew…

Remember when I spilled the news of our pregnancy I confessed that my number one fear is in regards to my career?

I am still a first year lawyer who underwent a relatively looooong journey to get myself the confirmed position I am at today. Nine months of pupillage, two months of paralegal-ship because we don’t call an ex-pupil who is yet to be called to the Bar a lawyer, and a further nine freaking months of probation period! Phewh all those before being confirmed a lawyer in my firm. If that does not prove me the most loyal employee of the year I do not know what else will do.

So as you can tell it was indeed a long journey. In between the long journey somehow my husband and I conceived a baby. That baby, I kept a secret from my bosses’ knowledge for over five months’ period. Continue reading “So The Bosses Knew…”

Indoor, Please!

My ideal weekend would either be (i) staying in and keeping up with all sorts of things I missed doing in the weekdays; or (ii) eat out and shop my heart out. But basically anything goes as long as I have the aircond swooshing on ma fes hehe. Do these two and a less-moody Kia is guaranteed for the rest of the upcoming work week.

Anyhow last weekend I did something completely different and never had once, been in my “weekend to-do” bucket list. Even Younger Kia would never foresee this day coming. Ajai and I were invited to our friend’s son birthday party. Gotta admit I panicked a bit because that was my first time attending a toddler’s birthday party. All sorts of questions played in my head. What if I get bored and awkwardly being stashed into moms support group talking about diapers? What if I wanna play games instead of keeping an eye on those kids? What if everyone is holding their babies/ toddlers but all I could do is to watch them from afar because E is physically still inside my tummy?

Continue reading “Indoor, Please!”