Indoor, Please!

My ideal weekend would either be (i) staying in and keeping up with all sorts of things I missed doing in the weekdays; or (ii) eat out and shop my heart out. But basically anything goes as long as I have the aircond swooshing on ma fes hehe. Do these two and a less-moody Kia is guaranteed for the rest of the upcoming work week.

Anyhow last weekend I did something completely different and never had once, been in my “weekend to-do” bucket list. Even Younger Kia would never foresee this day coming. Ajai and I were invited to our friend’s son birthday party. Gotta admit I panicked a bit because that was my first time attending a toddler’s birthday party. All sorts of questions played in my head. What if I get bored and awkwardly being stashed into moms support group talking about diapers? What if I wanna play games instead of keeping an eye on those kids? What if everyone is holding their babies/ toddlers but all I could do is to watch them from afar because E is physically still inside my tummy?

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Tall Girl Tied the Knot

19 years ago, I befriended this taller-than-average kid after noticing how close she was with my one and only BFF that time, Sara. I remember my sole intention of befriending her was to monitor their closeness and to ensure Sara won’t leave me alone during recess hour. I mean, I don’t wanna eat chicken nuggets obamaself… So this tall girl, she can join but she can’t have Sara all for herself.

Yes, overprotective and greedy girl from day one. #paintingnails #whydoIhaveafeelingEwillbelikeme

Fast forward 19 years later the tall girl and this petite girl are still friends. We belong to the same girl squad who underwent primary school days, high school days and boarding school (albeit different ones) days together. Even our workplaces are so close to each other (but never made it for lunch date pfft).Read More »

I have heard of mom’s jealousy.

And to be honest my POV says it’s downright exaggerative when moms made a big fuss of babies wanting the dads more. I mean, he is the daddy and his sperm contributed a fair ‘share’ to the baby’s existence so do not be selfish and just let them be!

Until recently my democratic POV collapsed when I noticed E is bonding better with his/her dad more than he/she does with me. These days ladies and gentlemen, whenever E responds better to Ajai I swear my heart shattered into thousands pieces and aches equivalent to eight thousand spears piercing the heart in one shot.

So E, when you are able to read this you better start saving for “Prada For Mummy” fund because yes you will feel very, very terrible. Be guilty as charged.Read More »

The Wedding Ring(s)

Post engagement, I learned a great deal about diamond rings and in pursuant to the learning I became so obsessed over a piece of jewelry.

I googled top celebrities’ rings and ended up envying how fortunate Kim Kardashian’s life is. Close tab. Then re-open the tab only to realize I can never afford that bloody 9ct diamond using my current income. Close tab again.

But you know, to be disappointed over fate aint a good idea. After all I’ll be getting a diamond ring too, and not just any grandma’s unwanted sentimental piece LOL!Read More »

The Krabi Trip

Two weekends ago my husband and I, we flew off to a neighbouring country for a quick weekend getaway. I wanted to utilize my annual leave as year-end is swiftly approaching and fortunately he has the lux of flexible working days so I intuitively usha-ed Airasia for a desirable destination.

Appealed by relatively cheap flight fares, I found myself at the “Booking Confirmation” page for a return trip to Krabi. Weeks forward, there we were. 3-month old newlywed by the majestic beauty of Andaman Sea, air temperature way hotter than our own motherland and handful of adventures to tick off from the bucket-list! Here’s for commemoration purposes:Read More »

Second Secondment


noun  se·cond·ment  \ sə̇ˈkän(d)mənt \

plural -s

“:the detachment of a person (such as military officer) from his or her regular organization for temporary assignment elsewhere”

Let me start by transporting you back to the time I wish I can flush out of my mind but I can’t. It was a usual day at the office when a senior associate called me to discuss on our files. The discussion went on at a normal rate, slowly accelerated to a point where I was interrogated like a criminal till my heart shrunk to its tiniest size. I hold back my tears, not wanting to chicken out in front of him and when we were done I dashed my way to the toilet, burst the tears I’ve been holding for that good terrible thirty minutes.Read More »