Reminiscing London

One of the most typical pit-stops preferred by Malaysians when touring United Kingdom is London. Whether it is the great shopping (Hello Harrods!) or the iconic buildings or the foods (err), I leave it to you guys to decide on why the city outnumbers its competitors in terms of tourists’ preference.

Contrarily to majority of my friends, London topped their oh-so-mehhhh-list. These are the people who tour the alien sides of the world, the more Insta-worthy ones (hope Neeks is reading this). But since I visited London last summer, a little record in my own blog won’t hurt. Initially wished to put infinity number of photos in here but came to realize that I owned only 358 in total. Poor record for a week-visit, me thinks.

IMG_1857 IMG_1887 IMG_1919 IMG_1972 IMG_1974 IMG_1975

IMG_2008 IMG_2015 IMG_2064 IMG_2069 IMG_2082IMG_2023

The radius of my London visit this time was pretty extended. Not only it covered Central London like in the photos above but also a few outskirt places there which I’m gonna share in another separate posts, if and only if I got the time. And the strength. And the determination.


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