Three Words of Wisdom

It feels so, so good to hop back into the uni bandwagon after devoting months of 9-5 routines during internship. Working was a great experience, but uni is a wayyy calmer business! So, already running two weeks of school, there are several words of wisdom from my lecturers that hit my medulla oblongata and I feel the need to jot three of them down here.  

#1 Law school is easy. My lecturer meant this to reach his target group; the freshmen. He thought we are the most credible ones to disperse this ideology among them freshmen. His simple logic was; if it is not easy then how do we make it up to final year? Though I demand some moment to give this a second thought, deep inside I partially give my nod of agreement pertaining to this matter. If you devote your very best commitment in studies, invest your time with worthy people, build connections with people in your future industry…you are definitely on the right track. The rest is just deciding on ice cream flavors!

#2 Give back to the society. One of the reasons why I pursued studies was the strong glamorous appeal judiciary sector has to offer. Arguing sharply in monochrome suit, signing documents which laymen cannot understand on top of rotating restaurant, ripping off rich flocks’ pocket…oh my God, desirable lifestyle I cannot afford to miss. BUT! One professor was strong enough to pull me back to reality, bursting my fantasy clouds like pop pop pop! He reminded us on the importance to give back to the society. One day, my batchmates and I, we will be given the power merely because we spent four years in law school and obtained the cheap-looking certificate. Then how about people who showered sweat, working from years to decades to earn a living but never stand the chance to spend four years in law school like we do? According to him we are just pure lucky. So tempted to oppose this bruhh but let’s note his point to mind. After all I was reminded of the same advice during internship as well. Vague terms in sales and purchase agreement can be a minor hassle to the rich but life-crunching to the poor. For the latter group, lawyer’s fees can burn a hole in their pockets so here lesson numero dos comes alive.

#3 Give debate a break. Ahh the toughest advice coming from my lecturer considering this nine months will be the final lap for me living uni life as best as I can. On one hand I appreciate my lecturer’s concern since final year worth no risk and gambling is never an option. On the other hand, to slow down, maybe yes but to let go…not a chance. Whatevs, let’s just consider this message never truly hit me. Nope nope, just nope!

Sorry that they are singly and not intertwined to each other. Best wishes to my fellow batchmates (myself included) in sailing this last journey. The force is with us, In Shaa Allah!


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