“I’m not gonna sacrifice my one month holiday, ever.”

Phrase I said weeks ago with a firm period at its end. Thought someone might’ve chloroform-ed me, left me unconscious because the last thing I knew, I made daddy booked my return flight tix, hopped on the plane and well, back to UM -_-‘ The least favorite thing to do during holiday.


As you could tell, I came back to reunite with these fellas. They had a tournie over the weekend but luck wasn’t on our side. One team made it to the semi-finals, the other two didn’t break the prelim. I know my younger brothers and sisters are, well, whether they admit it or not, bitten by sorrow. But that’s debate. It was yesterday’s losing that inspired tomorrow’s winning.


Well this time sh*t hits the fan but remember, we are unstoppable.


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