Royale Debate 2015

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 two days ago and when Chloe said ‘Bella is my life’ I can totally relate to mine; MORUM is my life. What a nerd lah to say that but as much as I constantly deny this obvious truth, the emotional jerk kicks in even harder. Or maybe I can blame my post-debate withdrawal syndrome, you know, I am not usually this sentimental. Come on!

So I just got back from UMP after nearly six days surviving life with no sashimi. (But nasi kukus Mama was an ultimate bomb!). I went there for the ‘World Cup in Uni Debate Arena’, The Royale Debate (aka Debat DiRaja). That is what keeping me aback from posting as I frequent as I used to, the tournament and let alone the preps we had a month before. But in the end, every single drip of sweat got paid off.



MY TEAM GOT CROWNED AS THE CHAMP FOR ROYALE DEBATE 2015!!! *throwing confetti* *throwing pillows* *blowing that stuff kids play I don’t know what you call it*


IMG_8059There are a few things as scintillating, exhilarating and thrilling as having to win Royale, the mother of all debate everyone wished to be crowned a champ. Of course I do feel every inch of those feelings but more importantly the sentimental values it carries. It’s priceless. Swinging my legs to UMP wasn’t an initial step in my Royale diary. The battle already started four years ago but winning decided to pay me a visit only after four times of trying.

My first time battling for Royale debate initiated back then in foundation year. Guarded by two experienced debaters, Adie and Mugem I made it to the team with zero knowledge about varsity debate. Chosen at the final night before off we went to the tournie! Considered myself as a newly hatched debate baby, when I first heard about terms like ‘power match’, ‘swiss bracket’ I was like… what the hell are they talking about. And yes, I wasn’t serious about winning the game. AT ALL! The second time things started to clutter seriously. I represented UM in the junior team with Adie and Adam but we made it only to the semi-final. A lost to UMP’s team but our senior won the main category, harbored all mushiness we had that time. UM = Royal Debate champ! Sweet.

Third time was last year. I got upgraded from junior team to main team and again with my usual duos Adie and Adam.  God knows how desirous, how greedy, how gung ho we were to win Royal, especially Adie was in his final year. Go mad or go home. That time we thought we did everything necessary to be crowned a champ but sadly we lost to UTP in Quarter Finale, on a motion about GST. Oh yes, that’s the turning point when I started to learn like shit about GST so if you were to ask me anything about GST…  bring it on baby! Chances are you might get mistaken me as an econs student, not law. Bhahaha!

Alright. So this year was my forth attempt. Teammates got revamped except for Adam who remained constant since he’s approaching graduation now. Alongside I have new addition in the team, Azri and Shahrul to bring back the trophy to where it belongs, UM. We changed our strategy, we had two series of trainings- indoor and outdoor, basically everything we never did before. Alhamdulillah, this time around Allah granted us the rezeki to be on the final stage!

11059703_10206075367698908_7394644108384724232_o 11169526_10206075364938839_3065607545844175346_o 11206583_10206075366138869_2687373530526906133_o 10983172_10206075367858912_2016882286607588386_o 11262465_10206075369178945_7479973873475326863_o 10847569_10206075372099018_8775742056739359822_o (1) 11146648_10206075376939139_3777615818374073314_o 10987501_10206075378939189_8259114586422106452_o 10631098_10206075379939214_2635385873694678578_o 10482292_10206075388219421_171305546095986061_o

Of course I’m overwhelmed with the divine history but there’s always the urge to move on from our amenity phase. Over the past couple of weeks, the bonding between us MORUMians was at the peak of its tightness, almost choking hehe so I guess this is what’s pulling us from moving on. Really! But to my juniors who might love us your kakaks and abangs more than everyone else right now, do not keep this momentum like the Rock of Gibralter. Work your ass harder to boast our momentum! Promise us that this trophy shall never fall into any other people’s hands, that it shall find a permanent place in our bilik kelab, forever. (Hehe found joy in challenging others, nasib baik no more Royale stage for me next year so can lah).

My biggest lesson if I were allowed to share with those who are interested enough is, please, never give up in chasing your dream. Sometimes in chasing our dreams, the result won’t show within a split second or as the time we wished. It might take days, months, years or even decades to achieve the dream. But believe me, the time will come at the exact second, at the exact minute, at the exact hour it supposed to. Because we are all planners, but Allah is The Planner. He knows.

Guess that’s all about it. At the mo, I am bending over backwards to vanish away this debate ‘jetlag’(?), hiatus(?), lapse(?) whichever suits your convenience. All that I know is I have three more assignments bizarrely smiling at me. Shucks.

Last but not least, this Royale, is for Adie.


Cheers to more winnings, Amin!


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