For The Next PASUM-ian

Assalamualaikum and hellaa it’s a good night tahnight!

So it has been a month since this blog is updated kan kan? I’m still alive, I’m not yet clueless but I’ve a lot of things to be settled down before by the end of the day I am able to sit down and jot something in sorority like I used to. Ha hah not now.

So, UPU was out eh? First from all, Kak Kia *chewah* is dang eager to grab your time and wish you HEYYOOO GRATS for being chosen to replace our batch for UPU. Fireworks! Dynamite! Grenade! *I’m imba, OK*

Serious serious. Its not easy to get the chance and once you have it at the right moment, right in front of you, do grab them and never let them slip away. Why? Because it’s not everyday that you have the right chance to make a change, maybe when the time you’re ready to make a change, the chance is not right there for yaaww. And once again, ini merapu namanya.

To those who get the offer for Asasi Sains Hayat / Asasi Sains Fizikal / Asasi Alam Bina in Universiti Malaya, bunch of congratulations. I know how pretty insane you are right now, how eager you are to step there, it’s UM u all! UM koooowwt. Crazy seniors and relatives are saying “susah tu UM” but hellaa I know how you are dang confident with yourself now saying I can do it I can do it. Hehe, bagus. Do keep the momentum.

Actually, I’m not sure lah with what I’m going to crap further. How low it’s going to pull you down or how high it’s going to push you up, it’s all up to you. Being an ex asasian in UM, I’m not sure if my experiences are way the same with my batchmates but basically I think we have been thru the same days and nights, the same Sun and the Moon, the same Semester 1 and Semester 2, the same DKU and Café, so what differences do you expect?

5 tops reasons why we HELLA LIKE PASUM

1. The advance studies. You’ll find Physics unlike another place can teach you, crazy Maths that will make you nod your agreement with high school teacher’s punya power root statement (Add Maths senang), Chemistry that makes you a Bohr’s junior, and Biology that you’ll probably agree the easiest and bunch of helpful subject ever.

2. The activities there! Unlike another foundation program, PASUM will never let those kaki sukan, penggila mikrofon, advance seeker to forever menghadap notes notes and notes! We have sooo many interesting curricular activities being planned by the student reps, we have soo many big events and wallakh projects for you to join so you won’t step out of PASUM being clueless with your KOKU marks! And luckier if you represent UM because UM never being prejudice even with budak PASSSSUM!

3. The HELLA SUMPAH BEHH gila environment. Here’s the clue. Budak asasi will stay in 12th college, which is the latest college in UM. The residence is the best amongst all, you got a lake surrounded with tiny tiny swans, lots of foods in the café (Cincau terbaeek gampang), and everything are just too cosy for you to study.

4. The freedom. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, distances away from Mid Valley, reachable hotspots, and the no-curfew rules spices up the freedom, what else do you expect? Stress out? GSC anytime waiting for you. Lapaq?? Macam macam adaaa. Tak nak lah describe lebih lebih about this takut you all said this is the main reason to be in UM.

5. The establishment. No doubt lah kan, UM kot. And you have to remember, holding the big title means it comes with an immense expectation lah!


  1. Well of course lah the study part. It’s good for us to study prettaay lagi susah from others that when you glance at akak seniors’ Algebra tutorial you’ll say “EH SAME LA TUT KITA” but so not cool to go through the exam results. While other foundation program buddies of yours are LOL-ing with their flying colors result, you can only smile with your black and white result. Prettay like Charlie Chaplin, you can’t get 3.9 something in PASUM. The second tinggi result after 4flat would be 3.89 ye anak anak.

  1. Too pack classes. Here’s a thing, no matter how pack the classes are, tendency is, you can always skip them, jangan bimbang. WOI! That’s not gonna promise you a fourflat! The normal time table of an ASASIAN would start at 8 am till 1 pm. An hour rest before 2pm class takes place till 5pm. And additional lecture till whatever times it could be if your lecturer insisted to. Hehhe.

  1. The homeworks! People said, practice made perfect. Yes you all. Your tutorials gonna help you so much but to settle them down is one thing. Lecture notes are quite easy and they are not in the books, so extra efforts are needed. I’m sorry to say this part, really really sorry!! Our tutorial questions are like final questions for some other institutions. I’m sorry I’m sorry. So that is why you have to really concentrate on the tut questions, they are pretty helpful in nourishing the understanding. For lab reports, nothing much actually as long as you are rajin to ask Mr Google, then there you are, nearly full marks. (Impossible dapat full marks)

  1. Little holidays. For the syllabus are being closely packed, less holiday for you all is one sure thing. Our lecturers always remind us that, our syllabus are prettayy sangat senang compared to the old times so it gives me the idea macam mana diorang studaay and mereka sangat hebad if it is so. OK, tak de kaitan. What I’m saying is that you are going to envy budak UiTM because depa banyak cuti dari hangpa. Time final pon sebulan lagi awai dari hangpa.

  1. The freedom. Massive setback actually. Being too close to non-stop freedom and entertainments will surely demagnetize you from the geek pole. High tendency to spend times on the don’ts is quite normal, so no good eh people.

Haaaa I’m revealing quite scary things about PASUM. But hellaaa, sometimes you need rain to paint the sky rainbow! I made it through, my 1270 batchmates made it through so we have this prettaay confidence that you too can make it a reality too! Be strong physically and mentally, have a clear goal and vision towards where you will be for the degree call, draft a clear plan on your pathway, and don’t forget your play times. Everyday is there for you to gain new experiences, just go through it, expect nothing and you’ll be surprised with the surprises! PASUM is so a nostalgia for me, I wont be the way I am today if I’m not attending PASUM. You wont be alone along your journeys, they are always your buddies, families, lecturers, tutors, demos, staffs and all to help you undergoing the maturity phase. Remembaaa, every second is the right time to make the right thing. I know you guys are not Rihanna you don’t love the way we lie, so exactly I’m telling you no lie!

Last, grats ASASIAN UM Batch 11/12. Hurrahhh hurraahhh!

p/s Special footnote for any of 2100 of you (I heard PASUM gives 2100 offers this year). For the only one who will be chosen as Exco Kesenian soon, BEST OF LUCK WITH MALAS EMAS! Bet its gonna be a tough year to handle so many batchmates, GoodLuck and whoever you are, I will always respect and love you 😀


25 thoughts on “For The Next PASUM-ian

  1. kak, i got PASUM ! ehee
    but sc fizikal. even dlu apply sc hayat. okay ke kos ni? gimme ur opinion. thnx

    btw, hello PASUM ;D

  2. Anonymous : Congrats 😀 Serious PASUM best okeng! Dua dua tough by their own ways la. Kalau physical tu banyak jenis Maths ur going to learn tapi hayat banyak jenis Bio. Memang bunyi leceh but to be honest, Bio is like penyelamat here. Hayat lagi diversified, after grad from hayat luas lagi cabang awak bleh explore. And time minggu haluansiswa nanti boleh apply kalau nak tukar course. think wise! dua dua sama susah sama senang je 😀 See you there.

    saya la nie : yes mmg takde pointer 3.9 something. because this entry goes to junior and not senior, and esp my junior in mrsm. since in mrsm we all ada 3.9 something. me myself was quite in a shock with uni punya pointer system. im not saying another uni system pointer lain but then compared to where we do come from, this is a new thing for us, ANSARA-ians (: thanks anyway

  3. saye pun dpt um..
    sc fizikal..
    mmg rmai org ckap um nie susa..
    saingn bayk..
    sume mncuak kn jer..
    tp arap2 bleh bwak nnti..huhu..
    akk asasi pe dlu??
    btw susa sgt ker nak dpt pointer tggi kat situ???

  4. Oww congrats XD
    Dulu akak asasi sains la seposen XD
    Erm i have to say..agak susah la.kang cakap susah gila mencuakkan awk lagi..soalan exam mmg tahap kaw kaw punya. one tips eh, soon tutorial jangan lupa buat taw. and mid sem exam, tengok past year sbb mostly dari past years *kadang2 sebijik* and final mmg betul2 perform. final nothing much to help u except your effort.
    best of lucks! see u there in pasum XD get ready for minggu haluansiswa

  5. nadira diana : congrats dear (: have fun in pasum!

    akmal :: yes sgt kena struggle! but dont forget playtime eh. MHS tu orientation week la.err banyak briefing about life in pasum, pendaftaran itu ini, group works, best la. paling best malam penutup MHS i bet its gonna be a fantastic one!

    aimi :: wsalam aimi (: MHS akak dh jawab kat akmal. err kereta tak boleh la yg. students 3rd year and above je boleh.p/s tp by the middle of the sem nanti tgk laa ramai je asasians bawak.hee

    hunnys :: yeayy! congrats! nnnope! sape ckp tuu..takde la.baju kurung pakai pergi formal classes je. the rest bebas. no rules sgt lah.

    icha :: congrats (: im not sure psl baju hitam ni, because kitorg dulu takde camni. ni maybe rules dari admin PASUM, kami para PP handle korang je soon! surprise!!

    to all : PASUM best. you guys are lucky!

  6. if u dont mind, i hv questions to ask abt UM. bcse i plan to start buying stuff next week.

    it'll be easier if i know what to expect there.

    but if y're not comfortable talking to strangers, tkpe kot. i faham 🙂

  7. ok ka sc hyt ne,,,cm susa j….takut tw…da la budak power2 blaka…tp sy pon power kot….kalau english broken habes,,,ok ka jgk

  8. nadira diana : eh, its okay. i would be glad to help. add my fb lah, that would be better XD

    anonymous :: dont worry about english but still you have to attend english classes sbb by the end of sem 1 u have to sit for MUET XD

    akmal :: nope. haha. laptop bukan keperluan la. sbb korang takde kena buat presentation or wtsoeva. takde research pon kena buat. tp for the purpose of entertainment, yeahhh perlu lah kan! haha

  9. hey sis
    i gt pasum sc hayat…
    im soo excited bout it…still cant believe i gt it..!!! lol
    being away from home *taiping* n living in hostel 4 the 1st time in my life…n studyin in a co-ed class…*i'd been in convent all my life* i've been wondering hw am i gonna survive n mingle around with new frens there
    well..ur post makes me feel like *i wanna go now!!!seriously*
    hmmm…anyway sis…pasum sounds so nice….looking 4ward 2 it..

  10. thanx kak kia for ur superb entry about pasum, yea right now, we really need some motivation…i really appreciate it..:)

  11. asalamualaikum kak,
    I dpt pasum bio sc..
    rase tkt plk nak duk kolej..hehe
    wkt haluansiswa nnt ade cheers ke??
    blh x klau saye tau jadual akak dlm seari sbg bdk pasum??

  12. Omg.akak,thanks a lot for this useful info about tak penah sampai pun UM ni.tapi bila tgk akak cerita mcm best gila je.hehe

    Btw sy dapat asasi alam bina kat sana,any usefuls tips?

    Thanks again 🙂

  13. Assalamualaikum, kak. Currently i'm like a super-blur girl on wht courses to choose for UPU. but goshh, reading ur entries made my interest towards Law sparkles again. (i knw it sounds dramatic wtv, hope u dun mind) hmm, so the thing is my parents dislike the fact tht m going to b a lawyer which i dun really mind cos now i kindda agree wf their suggestion on me taking Human Science. therefore, which one shud i apply- Sc Hayat or Sc Fizikal so i can persue in Human Science? -thnk u for ur concern sis, so xcited for ur reply,teehee.

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