Exam Mode

Assalamualaikum and hey peeps!

Hows life been doing? Sorry that I’ve been extremely busy with my final examination that I don’t even have the time to set my eyes on the lappy. Weyh sudah seminggu okei tidak bukak laptop ini. Pencapaian yang menghampiri kesempurnaan. Tehee

So we hate exam weeks, no doubt. Especially here in UM, we had sleepless nights for a fortnight. Euww they dragged the papers up to 9 subjects, quenching the neurons pretty much. *alaa SPM those days bukan ambik 9 subjects jugak, no?

Since this is my FINAL exam for being an Asasian, tanpa rasa berdosanya I love to declare that I’ve been revising in a manner pretty like I don’t have to study these craps any year longer. Yeah tak paham eh? Means studied really hard. Err I really don’t like to brag, but I love this positive enthusiasms to perform consistent studies. No no better to be called last minute studies, memang tahap Earth Hour y’all.

Thanks for being an insomniac actually, it helps me a lot throughout the first week. Yet, another week to undergo but weekend is what we call G-E-M-B-I-R-A alphabetically. Gelenya la aku neh. I’ve isolated my schedule so that my study scheme wont be way the same as before. So far, thanks Afiq and Bobo and Ekin for the halfway library plan, debate team members for midnight studies at MCD. Yet, thanks to all.
Including those who dropped by goodlucks wishes. Thanks a bunch ๐Ÿ˜€

Errr these are actually pictures taken in a day. Been studying with them in the evening and dragged till night. Ehee (:

Night with debate members at MCD Bangsar. Study lah sangat kan.
This one : Me Ikin and Afiq in blues. Perdanasiswa that time.

Because all that we know, we wanna pass this exam with flying colours! Nowhere to go but up!

Malas nak merepek actually. Few more papers are demanding to be revised. Bye!

p/s Kiasatina Othman akan further study Bachelor of Law in University of Malaya for her first degree (40 org duk membaca termakbul lah doa. Amin)


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