Engagement : The Photographer

Deciding on the photographer was probably the most straightforward department I encountered throughout the process. From the beginning I knew I wanted 10BucksPhoto for i) familiarity reason (by familiarity I mean the Instagram-kinda-familiarity haha) and ii) refer (i). Thus I did not even bother to ask for others’ quote because that time I was very persistent with my decision. Continue reading “Engagement : The Photographer”


Engagement: The Bridesmaids’ Attire

One thing you can’t avoid for being the first in the gang to “almost-tie-the-knot” is a bunch of excited buddies. These are the ones are willing to fork out cash no matter what, the ones who will bother you with 2-am whatsapp messages just to ask if lemon yellow or pale yellow is the same thing because in their minds you work in Pantone and the ones who don’t give a D if you are working or not as long as their queries sent in the group chat are cleared. I faced this bunch! I almost cancelled my plan to have them around #justkidding #ormaybenothahaha Continue reading “Engagement: The Bridesmaids’ Attire”

Engagement: The Dress Part II

Post in continuance of The Dress Part I

Deciding on the design

After admiring the lace for quite some times, I decided to go with my rough plan; a simple modern kurung with a flared skirt, realizing the limitation I faced with only a 2.5m lace. Nonetheless to my surprise my tailor claimed she can make it work for a full-length dress! Awesome isn’t she? My life savior over the years! She even proposed a trailing peacock tail to flaunt the exaggeration of the dress.

I thought…why not? Continue reading “Engagement: The Dress Part II”

Engagement: The Dress Part 1

Of all things I’ve been through for the engagement ceremony, the dress I wore has the utmost priority. Such is life even for other girls. If anything else fails our dress shouldn’t amiright?

But still three months prior to the engagement I had no clue on how I wanted my dress to turn out. The bottomline for my pickings was simple and nothing OTT. While I preferred any pastel color, Ajai opted for the darker hues. Ish so pening! Continue reading “Engagement: The Dress Part 1”

Engagement: The Trays

Hantaran or tray exchanges can be an annoyance especially on the deco part, less for the gifts. Ajai and I, we had both reached an earlier consensus of exchanging only five trays, something not so agreeable by the elders (traditionally the groom-to-be deserves two extras). To save time here is how we checked hantaran department off the list: Continue reading “Engagement: The Trays”

Engagement: The Ring

Allow me to quote my initial words when Ajai asked on the ring’s budgeting and my personal preference;

“I don’t mind because I am not so into jewelry. Dua tiga ratus also can”

I put a thousand bucks bet that Ajai had no doubt that he loves the right girl; zuhud and not materialistic at all. But my words don’t stick long. Soon after I learned about the value of an engagement ring and basically after an ample, thorough research on the magical formula of 4Cs, gone were the days of an ‘I don’t mind’ engagement ring. My cikai preference suddenly evolved to a certified diamond coupled with a white gold band. Ajai’s life was officially doomed. Continue reading “Engagement: The Ring”

Engagement Day: Overview

The ceremony began in the afternoon. Since I was stationed in the room, dolled up by my closest friends, I was not there to witness what actually happened during the first half of the ceremony. But from the videography and photography footage the event flowed from arrival of Ajai’s family, doa recital by my uncle Tuan Hj Ibrahim, couple of minutes of ice breaking and the adults proceeded to talk about the nikah details. Continue reading “Engagement Day: Overview”

I’m Engaged!

I know right? Even I don’t believe my soul that the day for me to finally write on something jingling, hearts and flowers stuff like this has arrived. It is here guys!

To begin with, my engagement ceremony was a decision I categorized as ‘something in the middle of impromptu and planned’. Impromptu because the initial plan Ajai and I agreed to was to straight away nikah thinking how many bucks we can save in the event we skipped the engagement. But that is not how the adults were thinking. And by adults I mean my Mama, who was so adamant of wanting an official ceremony en route to make the relationship legit. Planned because urmmm secretly I want it too! Bhahaha Continue reading “I’m Engaged!”