Second Secondment


noun  se·cond·ment  \ sə̇ˈkän(d)mənt \

plural -s

“:the detachment of a person (such as military officer) from his or her regular organization for temporary assignment elsewhere”

Let me start by transporting you back to the time I wish I can flush out of my mind but I can’t. It was a usual day at the office when a senior associate called me to discuss on our files. The discussion went on at a normal rate, slowly accelerated to a point where I was interrogated like a criminal till my heart shrunk to its tiniest size. I hold back my tears, not wanting to chicken out in front of him and when we were done I dashed my way to the toilet, burst the tears I’ve been holding for that good terrible thirty minutes. Continue reading “Second Secondment”


Call to The Bar

I got called to the bar on Friday, July 28 2017.

The Call Day was my next big day after graduation, a milestone I probably counted every single day without fail. It was the day I am officially an Advocate & Solicitor of High Court of Malaya. If I can describe the beautiful mixed feeling I would but no word could resemble and thereafter describe verbally the feeling I had for that one-day of temporary fame. Excited, sad, proud, scared, relieved all got tied into one and it was indescribable.   Continue reading “Call to The Bar”

Now What

So the sacred nine-month period of pupillage had officially come to an end. I joined the bandwagon of “grey-zone” status, like any other former precedence. It refers to a zone where one is no longer a pupil who may get abused by (almost) everyone in the office, yet not officially an Advocate & Solicitor (gotta wait till the Bar calls us). Question is, what’s next?

Okay, of course I knew the answer to that question.

I’ll take a whole month leave and do all the silly stuff I can’t do while putting on the “chambie” cap. I’ll get myself busy with the upcoming wedding. I’ll hop on the plane and go to the deepest zone of Amazon. Or maybe not because it was Ramadhan and there’s no wifi there #GenYconfirmed. I’ll Raya and after all the fun stuff I’ll forcefully drag my feet back to the office #teamgotretained #humblebrag. Continue reading “Now What”

That Career Leap

Honestly, I have no idea where to start when I wanna ramble about my working life. The law firm I am attached to happens to be one of the most renowned in the country and as a miniature part of this huge entity, I am bound by the sacramental PNC rules. Not that I didn’t try. Usually the sequence of “I am trying to blog about career” goes like this:

*cracking knuckles* Today I have a meeting about…*the image of strict superior pops in* hits delete…


For the first time today I drafted a bespoke agreement in regards… *Article 3 Rule of Conduct plays in mind* okay okay I’ll backspace… Continue reading “That Career Leap”

Dare To Dream

Some of you might be aware that aside from reading laws, I am gushing adrenaline with a few part time jobs. I would say on a minor basis this resulted from the country’s economic downfall (that demands us to do at least #2Kerja, yes?) but majorly because I wanted to. Big yaaaaas to venturing into different perspectives in life. Continue reading “Dare To Dream”