That Career Leap

Honestly, I have no idea where to start when I wanna ramble about my working life. The law firm I am attached to happens to be one of the most renowned in the country and as a miniature part of this huge entity, I am bound by the sacramental PNC rules. Not that I didn’t try. Usually the sequence of “I am trying to blog about career” goes like this:

*cracking knuckles* Today I have a meeting about…*the image of strict superior pops in* hits delete…


For the first time today I drafted a bespoke agreement in regards… *Article 3 Rule of Conduct plays in mind* okay okay I’ll backspace… Continue reading “That Career Leap”

Dare To Dream

Some of you might be aware that aside from reading laws, I am gushing adrenaline with a few part time jobs. I would say on a minor basis this resulted from the country’s economic downfall (that demands us to do at least #2Kerja, yes?) but majorly because I wanted to. Big yaaaaas to venturing into different perspectives in life. Continue reading “Dare To Dream”