Now What

So the sacred nine-month period of pupillage had officially come to an end. I joined the bandwagon of “grey-zone” status, like any other former precedence. It refers to a zone where one is no longer a pupil who may get abused by (almost) everyone in the office, yet not officially an Advocate & Solicitor (gotta wait till the Bar calls us). Question is, what’s next?

Okay, of course I knew the answer to that question.

I’ll take a whole month leave and do all the silly stuff I can’t do while putting on the “chambie” cap. I’ll get myself busy with the upcoming wedding. I’ll hop on the plane and go to the deepest zone of Amazon. Or maybe not because it was Ramadhan and there’s no wifi there #GenYconfirmed. I’ll Raya and after all the fun stuff I’ll forcefully drag my feet back to the office #teamgotretained #humblebrag.

Sounds like a perfect plan kan? Well it was! I successfully executed all especially the last plan on the list.

Now yours truly is back in the office, embracing another chapter in life. It seems like right on track but everyday I am posing this question to myself; Now what?

To compare with the phase I am right now is a lot tougher than before. The earlier phases in life were easier for sure. When I was a uni student in between lots of café hopping and movie dates, I knew I in four years’ time have convocation to expect at the end of the day. When I was a chambie, despite the stormy challenging journey I knew after nine months I have my Call Day at the end of the tunnel. But now what? How long should I expect to be upgraded to a Partner? Five? Ten? Lord!

But am defo not whinning here! Despite all the odds I love my job, Alhamdulillah. My scope of works got “upgraded” and of course higher upgrade promises greater codes to crack. Still have a lot to learn despite almost a year of meddling the same construction subject matter. Actually, who am I kidding! Partners of more than 10 years’ experience also are still learning so the setahun jagung me can literally shut up now. I hope the “Legal Associate” year(s) promise me a great learning adventure!


Hushhh! In my defense, it was a temporary space…


Ahh humble beginning

And and! Just when I was soexcited with my new career “upgrade” a new intern came to ask if I have tasks that require her assistance. Seriously she reminded me of my younger self almost a year ago. I roamed in the office, offered assistance to literally everyone until I learned that free time shall be seized. If you are free then don’t find work take your time for a little while because once work comes…it’s raining work. But I didn’t have the heart to crush her eagerness so I basically gave her a very minor task even a blondie can do.

Hmmm maybe I do have the answer to my “now what” now… #canwehavemoreinternsintheofficeplease #kakakbarunakup  lollollollollol


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