Diapers Discovery

You’d probably be showered with hearts and flowers in the course of 6 months of relationship, having the desire to hunt new eatery places, movie dates every now and then despite no movie caught your interest. But try doing that for 6 years straight. It feels like our soul is being teleported over and over again in the same infinity loop! Bosan man!

So in celebrating our 66 months of #kiAjai-ship yesterday (so disgusting this hashtag thingy), we went grocery shopping because I need to top up my organic veges and also because we are the old boring couple who have no desire over movies or eateries any longer.

While rummaging through kicap department, I saw diapers and stuff on the adjacent aisle. I know right? Damn sloppy arrangement! Kicap and diapers are totally no go.

But anyway, I spared some times to observe the aisle, checking out how much a diapers cost.

Saw the price tag and my eyes wide open!

Damn mahal man! Almost 100 bucks for 60 pieces. I mean, even my ‘diapers’ costs less than 20 bucks and that’s pretty ‘limited edition’, I only use it once in a month! This diapers on the other hand, is what you put on baby’s butt every other day! Inevitably my brain run a Math congak and rolled my eyes again for the virtual result.

In the car, I excitedly told Ajai about my diapers discovery. Explained to him if a baby wears 6 diapers a day, a pack will only last for a freaking 10 days. And that’s the minimum count, what if the baby like suka berak then need to change often no? Oh so botak.

“What are you talking about? Dua cukup lah satu hari”

I rolled my eyes over his argument. Yeah possible if you don’t feed your child.

“What am I talking about? You see, two in the morning, two in the afternoon/evening, two in the night. And then what if our kids are the ones who’s allergic with cheap diapers? What if we have twins”

Speak too soon but nerrrr mind.

“Kita bagi pakai lampin je lah yang”

Cheapskate dad. We all know who’ll be the favorite parent.

After a moment of silence, both of us indulged in a deep thought of digging possible solutions (mine include the extent of considering contraception pill already hahaha) he suddenly exclaimed;

“Hah! I’ve good idea! This the easiest we can do without compromising our NEEDS”

Ohhh my genius baby, always a fast thinker!

“Idea apa?”

“We cut down your monthly makeup budget!”

I looked at him.

He looked at me.

“How? How” Grinning. Angkat angkat kening.

Okay that’s it.

Anyone else who wanna marry me? We still got time.

This man clearly didn’t know what he was talking about. Don’t worry though I intend to forgive him, but after he buys me this one plus one plus one item in Sephora (20% off Black Card members…). He needs to digest the fact that my relationship with makeup outweighs him and is something he needs to memorize by heart.

But in all seriousness, pursuant to this diapers discovery, my respect towards my parents and any other parents (esp the young ones) heightened brusquely. With the choking living cost these days, finding a way to juggle between parenthood and personal needs must be a real challenge. I am often told most people give in to the latter which is very intimidating ‘cos frankly speaking yours truly is not at all ready for that dilemma yet. I mean, Chanel lip gloss and Huggies diapers… Chanel is a clear-cut priority! Ammiright?

#savetheparents #signingpetitionforcheaperdiapers #cheapdiapersadvocate #cheapdiapersforpresident


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