That Career Leap

Honestly, I have no idea where to start when I wanna ramble about my working life. The law firm I am attached to happens to be one of the most renowned in the country and as a miniature part of this huge entity, I am bound by the sacramental PNC rules. Not that I didn’t try. Usually the sequence of “I am trying to blog about career” goes like this:

*cracking knuckles* Today I have a meeting about…*the image of strict superior pops in* hits delete…


For the first time today I drafted a bespoke agreement in regards… *Article 3 Rule of Conduct plays in mind* okay okay I’ll backspace…

See! So it is a chapter remained silent in this blog. Deep inside I feel like this omission is an irony simply because my working life steals roughly 23 out of 24 hours in my daily life yet it’s the most shushed department in this blog.

But screw it. After a thorough consideration, layer-by-layer of filtering process, deletion here and there, I am gonna update just a tiny piece of my working happenings, in particular, about my…


I got retained as my firm’s lawyer, Alhamdulillah! Dream comes true, this one and I firmly believe there’s no need for me to keep going all over again about this what I wanted since I entered law school. Drama betul.

Instead, let me escort you back to the day my master spilled the beans. Interpret this as you please but my only intention of jotting the story down is for memory’s sake because the phase after pupillage, is an important milestone to any legal practitioner in this world #toomanysafetyclause #thenwonderwhypeoplehatelawyers

The date was 5th April 2017, 7.30pm. I sat before my master, feeling all nervous. My future is attached to his string of words!

“Okay, which one do you wanna hear first? The good news or the bad news?”

Why should there be any bad news, this me no like.

“Bad first”

“Bad one. Okay. What do you think about a retainer?”

WTF is a retainer? I swear I know nuts about what retainer means, thought it was synonymous to retention, plus I refused to sound stupid for not knowing a vocab so I said…

“That’s what I hoped” muka confident habis.

I blinked. He blinked.

“In that case, comes the good news”

Oh boy.

“We decided to retain you as a lawyer in this firm…”

THAT’S IT! Throwing confetti! Popping champagne! I mean, sparkling water. Really. Bruno Mars’ That’s What I Like in the air…

“…but instead of stationed here you will be assisting our team in KLCC office”

In your face Kia! Retainer is not a verb extension to retention but a thesaurus to secondment! You silly gal -____-

Am not gonna lie, that’s not what I hoped. I hoped to be in the office with my silly friends who sharply at 12.29pm text-ed in our devoted “Lunch” whatsapp group, asking where to eat. I hoped to be nearer with my superior. I hoped to continue what I was doing. I certainly not hoping for my wallet to be torn off on daily basis in KLCC…

Felt super betrayed despite everyone’s assuring me that’s an opportunity not everyone is lucky enough to be offered.

But fast forward, it has been almost a month since I started in this new office. As time goes by I think I like it here better for reasons words can’t explain, or maybe it’s just because the PNC rules popped in my head just now…  But if you happen to be in the same shoes as mine, please don’t be all panicky and squeezing that hate juice first thing first even before trying. I had this lesson sturdily stored in my memory because 98.99% of my chambering dailies, happened on this surprise-ful basis. In addition to that, despite I am not 100% certain of whether or not what I am doing now is trailing my passion path, I pray for it to be so because the only way to live a happy life is to live on pursuing our passions. If we live a life void of passion, then we will never feel like we are living the life we were meant to live. Just remember, some of the wealthiest individuals are, in reality, by far the poorest. It’s possible to be the wealthiest person in the world and still manage to hate every second of life…

Today is May, my most anticipated month since the previous nine months. Primarily because pupillage journey is about to meet its end, In Shaa Allah. Whilst I’m all absorbed with excitement I can’t contain, at the same time there’s this tiny petrifying feeling on the inside I am unable to deny. 2017 is really the year for me, of fast happenings. Soon to be elevated to a position requiring sturdier attention. Soon to be someone else’s wife. Speaking of which, oh my gawddd sometimes I forgot that I am engaged and that I have a marriage waving at me at the end of the tunnel. Who’s my fiancée again? LOL.

Okay Mr Time, you really can stop running now.


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