Engagement : The Photographer

Deciding on the photographer was probably the most straightforward department I encountered throughout the process. From the beginning I knew I wanted 10BucksPhoto for i) familiarity reason (by familiarity I mean the Instagram-kinda-familiarity haha) and ii) refer (i). Thus I did not even bother to ask for others’ quote because that time I was very persistent with my decision.

I contacted 10Bucks for quotation. A prompt reply was given in return from the friendly Azrie (the photographer). Again, due to my non-availability to properly sit down and discuss in Kota Bharu, I straight away booked him after became agreeable to their price. We virtually sealed the deal, easy.

The booking was done two months prior to the event. We paid him full price a month before the engagement date, just because we do not want to be bothered with any kind of payment post-event. In the event this practice is not preferable to you, fret not because 10Bucks only require 100 bucks (it rhymes!) for deposit and the rest of the payment can be settled a day after shooting.

All photos of the event were captured by Azrie himself. That man I tell you was undeniably a tolerant and jubilant one! I love how polite, easy going he was since day uno I contacted him till the deal was executed. He’s the man of his words, I’d definitely put this as my utmost priority when servicing with others.



Oh one more thing! I received all of my edited and raw shots from Azrie a day post event. That’s what you get when the give and take is so powerful, others can’t refuse. Learn the deal. See how fruitful advancing full bucks can be? Or it is just their service is so good that delay is literally not within their vocab hehe.

I am satisfied with their speedy but definitely swoon-worthy service. All photos used for this engagement series, unless otherwise stated were captured by Azrie of 10Bucks. Thanks man! If by now you are appealed to have 10Bucks on your big day, please find details for your perusal (Pssssst they are rising photographers, if you are expecting important events it is advisable to do advanced booking before their price hikes up LOL)


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Ya welcome!


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