Engagement: The Make-Up

Contrary to popular belief, the make-up department was not on top of the list which I dived in first thing first. To begin with, I listed three most well-known MUAs in my hometown. My financial status during that time was not agreeable to hiring Najeeb Azami, Syed Dewa, Khir Khalid or the comrades just yet.

Nonetheless long story cut short, the first and second MUAs was not available on my proposed date. The third one did not project the desired result so I was afraid of facing any consistency issues. Therefore for the first time in my life I chose to be a risk-averse so I opted for the dangerous (read: cheapskate) option, to do make up on my own. Of course the crazy idea received uninviting response from my friends but my pocket cannot be any more amenable for that! LOL.

So yeah, I woke up on my engagement morning and did my own make up. My bestfriends clearly had trust issues on me so they came to my house armed with buckets of make-up tools. Fixed the foundation, zinged the brows, dabbed on matte lipsticks and lots of other complicated we-only-learn-it-from-Youtube-steps. Final result:


(Disclaimer: Not that I love her more than the others, just thinking this is the clearest photo of myself #disclaimeryouputforhavingmanybestfriends #nantidiorangboikotakuhahaha)

Alhamdulillah I’m fine with the make-up. Honestly I wanted to look minimal and saving the face for the real wedding. You know how celebrities look the same on usual days and their wedding days, and that ladies and gentlemen…me no want!

Since this post signifies the end of this engagement series (like finally! You guys must be yawning with the slow progress) I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to my parents, families and friends who made the event possible. Regardless of how anal I was (and still am) from the very bottom of my heart I appreciate and indebted for the helping hands lent to me throughout the process. Arigatou!


3 thoughts on “Engagement: The Make-Up

    1. Hello there Adra! I used MAC in the shade Persistence to achieve this look. But if I recall this correctly I had it mixed with a pink-based lipbalm, else the color would be too…earthy.

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