Engagement: The Bridesmaids’ Attire

One thing you can’t avoid for being the first in the gang to “almost-tie-the-knot” is a bunch of excited buddies. These are the ones are willing to fork out cash no matter what, the ones who will bother you with 2-am whatsapp messages just to ask if lemon yellow or pale yellow is the same thing because in their minds you work in Pantone and the ones who don’t give a D if you are working or not as long as their queries sent in the group chat are cleared. I faced this bunch! I almost cancelled my plan to have them around #justkidding #ormaybenothahaha

So when I spilled the news my highschool gang blurted me with the question what color should their bridesmaids’ baju be. Yes, even before they congratulate me guys. #morereasonnottohavethemaround

I carefully told yellow knowing it is not a color favourable by almost the majority population in the globe. Took them minutes to digest I was not kidding but the girls being fully respectful, agreed on the color choice and set a date for kain hunting in Jakel…without me!



The girls chose a thick chiffon and agreed on mini kurung design. Exercising my veto right I reminded no one should top the attention so no beading is allowed. Simple simple lace patch je can can.

As a reward for their loyalty to be my pretty kulis, also because I am a prim and civilized friend I got them a pair of cream scarf each. Under no circumstances would I have let my friends go tangan kosong for sure.





I loved how the girls turned out during the ceremony! Apart from making my photos looked legit, it reminded me of how lucky I am to have this bunch around. Not sure if this post tallies with its title but for whatever reason it is, I sure want to have the journey with my 11-year bestfriends being recorded in words here. Thanks lads lol


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