Engagement: The Dress Part II

Post in continuance of The Dress Part I

Deciding on the design

After admiring the lace for quite some times, I decided to go with my rough plan; a simple modern kurung with a flared skirt, realizing the limitation I faced with only a 2.5m lace. Nonetheless to my surprise my tailor claimed she can make it work for a full-length dress! Awesome isn’t she? My life savior over the years! She even proposed a trailing peacock tail to flaunt the exaggeration of the dress.

I thought…why not?

After a month, my tailor ringed me informing the dress is now ready. Due to time constraint, I was unable to hop on a plane and attend any fitting session. What I can do back then was only to redha, to pray for a dress that fits my body finely. Thankfully the dress required only one-stage of workmanship, bead-work’s off the list because the lace I used was already the beaded kind French lace. The formula is straightforward. Extra glitch = Extra headache!

The outcome

Due to my lack of availability to attend the fitting session I had to accept the dress the way it is. The sleeves are a little bit loose for my liking, so does the waist part. But when everything were put together, I was so-so okay laa #hardtoplease #notreallythezuhudtype


Lessons learned

I am moderately satisfied with the outcome but I’m sure to be more anal and gonna make every detail counts for the next one. Here’s the lessons I can think of:

+ Properly consult your designer first because this will determine the types, variance of materials you’ll need. You can save a lot of time by having visions put together and having to only visit the kedai kain one-off only! I pissed Ajai off the most in this department due to the frequent visits we made LOL.

+ Unless you are very sure of the theme color, I’d say go for dress hunting first thing first. You might have a specific color in mind but eventually another color might steal your heart on eye-to-eye judgment. Remember girlfriends, if else things fail, our dress shouldn’t hehe. Everything else totsss can wait!

+ I came to realize that it would definitely be better if a bride wears a girdle and push-up bra to flaunt what is there to flaunt, and to hide what is there to hide (we all know Candice Swanepoel is not reading this post so no worries). Again I missed on this department but I made it a point to buy these beforehand so for my nikah fittings, momma gonna wear those thangs fo sho!


4 thoughts on “Engagement: The Dress Part II

  1. Hello! If you don’t mind, may I know where did you tempah this dress? Can I get their contact number? The workmanship looks reaaaally nice😍

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