Engagement: The Dress Part 1

Of all things I’ve been through for the engagement ceremony, the dress I wore has the utmost priority. Such is life even for other girls. If anything else fails our dress shouldn’t amiright?

But still three months prior to the engagement I had no clue on how I wanted my dress to turn out. The bottomline for my pickings was simple and nothing OTT. While I preferred any pastel color, Ajai opted for the darker hues. Ish so pening!

So we paid a visit to Jakel KL, browsed through the second level where all the French laces are placed. Since I had no preference in mind the sale associate literally just bentang everything but hopelessly nothing stole my heart.

At one point she pulled out this one lace in sage green and my heart skipped a bit. It has no floral motive (me likey!), the color was the nicest I’d ever seen, the beading was intrinsic, the lace was so halus and soft but…but the price. Oh no. For a simple engagement ceremony I was not willing to fork out such hefty cash!

Realizing I was so into the lace, the SA quickly brownnosed:

“Colour ni cantik, very rare. Kena sangat dengan skintone awak nampak very naik”

Yeah right you sly fox but thanks I’d buy the words anyway…

As usual the smarter me debated with the umm less smarter me;

No you don’t need such expensive lace! You’re only wearing it once idiot!

I’ll wear it to kenduri and force my future daughters to wear it on their weddings, jeezzz what’s the big deal?

Babe you are the one who’s paying not your parents!

So? I’d show them the invoice, they’ll kesian me and reimburse the cash.

You sure not?

Mmm yes… Plus seeeee this is the only piece! No other bride gonna don the same lace!

I thought you wanted mauve this is totally off the pref?

What mauve? I had no preference! Listen Kiasatina, this is an I-N-V-E-S-T-M-E-N-T!

And that’s it! The less smarter me won the debate. Though I bet she doesn’t even know what investment is but good point well-made as usual missy.

I adamantly haggled on the price knowing my other half is a true sucker in haggling. After an hour of entertaining my annoyance the manager, the SA and I reached to a consensual price. I smiled and Ajai was already thinking about marrying someone else. Too late young man. I swiped my plastic and never happily returned home with my brand new sage lace.

Now that I have a very delicate looking lace in hand…how should my dream dress be? (speaking like there’s a surprise padahal malas to type)

To be continued…


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