Engagement: The Dais

My theme for the engagement was rustic romance. To exude such theme, I came out with theme colors revolving around green, pale yellow, grey and white only. The biggest element which is visible to everyone is of course, the pelamin (dais).


Now. The pelamin received a lot of compliments from family and friends. Little that they know, I had a lot of dramas to get the pelamin done in place which include, among others:

+ I was required to pay full price for the pelamin even before the execution date which  I found quite worrying and slightly out of the typical norm. My understanding on the general practice is that people pay for a certain per centum of deposit and full payment post execution.

+ I expressed my concern on desiring the pelamin to be done exactly like what we’ve agreed on the initial sketch but my bridal, surprisingly told me “Awak pelamin tunang je bukan reception”. Considering the amount I paid to her was not an engagement rate but on a reception rate, the words are nothing short of rudeness.

+ When I questioned why they refused to inspect the main hall in my house they acclaimed their professionalism, saying a site visit is totally unnecessary on their part. Know how they agak agak the measurement? They asked me to confirm on the hall’s height and width over Whatsapp. Tots unprofessional!

+ I was not there when they set up the dais but Mama kicked up a fuss that the bridal sighed, rolled her eyes and buat muka whenever Mama requested for more flowers, better arrangement or the removal of certain items.

Not feeling beyond the cloud nine when I witnessed the end result. I took the effort to modify the dais, scrap off superfluous decos out of it till I got what I desired and the whole scene was pleasant enough for my sight.


Lesson learnt? Get someone who can walk the talk. Of course this is easily said than done because none of us can predict the forthcoming but I guess the apparent means to execute this is by attending only the reputable ones. Mine was a bridal who carves name in another state but the branch in mine is fairly new. She can do the talk but once payment is made, everything changed…


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