Engagement: The Trays

Hantaran or tray exchanges can be an annoyance especially on the deco part, less for the gifts. Ajai and I, we had both reached an earlier consensus of exchanging only five trays, something not so agreeable by the elders (traditionally the groom-to-be deserves two extras). To save time here is how we checked hantaran department off the list:

Trays and Decorations

Being the anal one between us two, I insisted to choose the trays and flowers all by myself. Mama wanted crystal trays but since I am saving that for the real wedding so plastic, iron-look-alike would suffice. For the deco I chose dusty green roses, white lilies, yellow orchids and baby breath for my trays. For Ajai’s it was dusty pink roses, cream hydrangeas, baby breath and little eustomas.

We sent over the trays and flowers to be arranged by the decorator. I think she did a pretty decent job with it.

The gifts

I have no issues with the gifts we put on the trays! Basically the purchase started with my gifts first then only Ajai. No specific wishlist though, whatever we saw in stores will be on the trays. Easy. So mine consisted of a make-up set, two scarves, the ring, a pair of telekung and a box of chocolate.







When it comes to Ajai’s turn to choose his stuff he wanted to make it explicit for the guests to assume I am the materialistic one between the two of us so he chose books, a watch and a sweater, condiments, sejadah and Quran, as well as a cake.






Those were everything we got. What I learn from choosing the hantaran:

+ Choose the items you wish to put on the trays first because this will determine how big/ small your tray will be and how many flowers you do need to deco the trays.

+ Unless you are planning to re-use the trays for wedding purposes, it is okay not to fork out extra cash on iron/ crystal trays which obviously cost more. Plastic tray is a good alternative, considering their price is like what…one tenth of the heftier ones? And oh! The qualification also applies to you people who have a money-tree growing in your backyard then please don’t be bothered with the tips…

If by any chance you are residing in Kota Bharu and need the contact number of my tray decorator please do let me know.



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