Engagement: The Ring

Allow me to quote my initial words when Ajai asked on the ring’s budgeting and my personal preference;

“I don’t mind because I am not so into jewelry. Dua tiga ratus also can”

I put a thousand bucks bet that Ajai had no doubt that he loves the right girl; zuhud and not materialistic at all. But my words don’t stick long. Soon after I learned about the value of an engagement ring and basically after an ample, thorough research on the magical formula of 4Cs, gone were the days of an ‘I don’t mind’ engagement ring. My cikai preference suddenly evolved to a certified diamond coupled with a white gold band. Ajai’s life was officially doomed.

To add the trouble, I was very fussy with the ring I want. Knowing certified diamond can cost a kidney I opted for a simple solitaire so Ajai’s wallet not gonna hurt that much. We went to several jeweler of all range but nothing stole my attention. In the end as I was accompanying my mother to this one jeweler in my hometown the SA slipped the most beautiful diamond rind I’d ever saw. It was two diamond-encrusted bands with a rounded diamond in the middle making it 40 diamonds in total, all cert diamonds and white gold! Heart skipped a beat!




I knew it topped the budget but it was now or never during that time. My dad’s approval assured me that I made the right choice. The initial ring came in a size ridiculously bigger that it went loose on my skinny fingers (I am size 7, the band was 14). But the jeweler assured they can custom-made the ring to fit my fingers which took roughly three weeks later to finish. They dismantled the diamonds one by one and affixed them on a smaller band.

I love how my ring turned out to be! The ring is the most valuable gift (so far) Ajai ever gave me so more reason to be attached to this particular piece of jewelery hehe.

Lesson learned from the experience:

+ Don’t worry too much about not having an initial preference. I was unsure of the diamond, unsure of the claws, unsure of the cut, but I knew mine once it is there! Trust me.

+ The earlier, the better. Especially if your fingers are dwarf-sized you might need to effect some alterations or like mine, do it all over again. So I say get your ring first thing first.

+ It’s OKAY to go for white gold. I came from the East Coast origin where yellow gold will forever be the in thing. The adults were bothered because white gold has no worth for reselling purpose but to let go of a piece so dear to me is not part of the plan. Never.

Lastly I would not advise you to purposely accidently splurge on an engagement ring knowing a subsequent wedding ring deserves more attention. Splurging means you choose the hard way, fretted and mulled over for months. But as a piece of jewelry you’re going to wear for the rest of your life, symbolizes your first step in tying the knot some more, I say it pays to spend a bit of time (and cash) finding the perfect one! But need to puasa lah a bit after that…


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