Engagement Day: Overview

The ceremony began in the afternoon. Since I was stationed in the room, dolled up by my closest friends, I was not there to witness what actually happened during the first half of the ceremony. But from the videography and photography footage the event flowed from arrival of Ajai’s family, doa recital by my uncle Tuan Hj Ibrahim, couple of minutes of ice breaking and the adults proceeded to talk about the nikah details.




Meanwhile in my room there I was feeling restless and all nervous waiting for my q-call. A short while later, my sister called signaling it’s time for the sarung cincin ceremony. Lagi la I freaked out. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO COME OUT NOW? My comrades fixed the veil, heels and touched up for the very last time. Checked myself in the mirror if I need to change my lipstick’s color for the 11th time..yes no yes no ok here we go!

Accompanied by Syadiyah I walked towards the dais in the most (pretentious) graceful manner. Eyelids focusing on the floor, and I swear if I can just glue my eyeballs to the floor I would! Never in my life I felt so malu knowing all eyes on me. The moment was more awkward than parading a debate finale man!

My family ushered Ajai’s mom to the dais for sarung cincin. This was the funny part! Ajai is the youngest in the family with only an elder sister so his mom, just like me was basically a first timer. Our hands trembled, I told her about my nervousness only to be reassured that her feeling too, is mutual. Once she sarung cincin I was kissed on the forehead -_-‘ Are we married or something?




So yeah! Just like that and #kiAjai is now engaged. Family and friends took turn taking photos with us both.









Few of the puke-worthy photos…





It has been a week since the engagement day. I am still adapting to the new title, oftentimes I tersasul still addressing him my boyfriend. I mean, five years bro…habits won’t change in a night what. But in all honesty I pray for a smooth engagement period before we tie the real knot, may Allah’s as well as our parents’ blessings accompany the route to the union and most importantly, may our bank statements be in our favour. AMEN!



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