I’m Engaged!

I know right? Even I don’t believe my soul that the day for me to finally write on something jingling, hearts and flowers stuff like this has arrived. It is here guys!

To begin with, my engagement ceremony was a decision I categorized as ‘something in the middle of impromptu and planned’. Impromptu because the initial plan Ajai and I agreed to was to straight away nikah thinking how many bucks we can save in the event we skipped the engagement. But that is not how the adults were thinking. And by adults I mean my Mama, who was so adamant of wanting an official ceremony en route to make the relationship legit. Planned because urmmm secretly I want it too! Bhahaha

The preparation took roughly three months and I received many helping hands considering I can sort my prep only during the weekend (occupied by works what can I do)! The shoutout goes especially to my Mama who spent days and night juggling from the littlest details to the biggest.  She sat down listing our to-do list and working on the Excel sheet and basically just went according to the plan she’d prepared beforehand. For someone who’d only returned home once throughout the three-month period and literally the night before she got engaged, I’d say the ceremony met its goals and for the need of word, a very smooth one.



I thought engagement is just another insignificant milestone but trust me, it felt like I am being re-introduced to my guy and our relationship sort of hitting the ‘restart’ button. Despite the 5 years, 4 months and 3 days of ‘befriending’ each other! I’m super glad I decided to follow Mama’s advice to get engaged.

I will record bits and pieces of the engagement details in separate posts and even prepared a Page on the right tab for your ease of reference. So yeah till the next post peepoh!


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