Cosmetic Partnership

“New lipstick? No thanks. I’ve had enough in my collection”

Says no girl, ever!

And even if you have a slight trace of belief in that statement, it is not too late to renounce your faith because technically and very, very literally…those are lies.

I am a living proof btw.

A fortnight ago ColourPop made a huge deal on their website. Purchase 50 dollars’ worth of any cosmetics and you will automatically be entitled for free shipping worldwide. No matter if you are a Malaysian or just another Inuit of far-flung desolate realm Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland. Time was ticking, I refused to miss such a deal but the works I was working on were damn urgent. So in between drafting the important agreement I alternately add an Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick into my shopping cart. Finish one clause, add one lipstick. Finish another clause, add another lipstick. Finish another half clause, add three more lipsticks…

Don’t judge, stress and shopping are pretty much correlated.

At the end of the day when I’m done with my works I checked out my cart only to realize there were already 17 lipsticks in total. Ooopsie daisy! I gave the cart another round of skim through, should there be any repetitive order or gothic colors my mom will surely disapprove.

Nope. All fine. All colors are NEED not WANT.

That’s when the brilliant idea came. I need to drag my boyfriend as well because logically prettier me means happier him kan? So I texted him, proposed to purchase ColourPop directly from USA and sell it here in Malaysia. Small capitals, big revenues are the vocabs he will never, ever say no to bhahahaha. As expected the poor guy concurred, even offered his card to make the payment… My first condolences to you hermano.

So after waiting for a week as well as uncountable times of track and trace through USPS, my parcel safely arrived from Oxnard! I quickly Whatsapp-ed photos of the delivery box from every visible angles possible to my ultimate capital sponsor.


“Look babe! Our ‘money’ is hereeee!”. He got excited too and asked me to unbox the parcel.

Durh what type of self-explanatory instruction was that. I carefully tore the cellophane tape and taddaaaaa! 17 gorgeous lipsticks smiling before me, ranging from the palest pink to the most gorgeous shade of metallic brown. In my mind I’d mentally curated almost seventy nine #MOTD looks already just by staring at them lippies.

“So babe siapa first customer kita?” Out of nowhere Ajai’s text appeared.

I don’t think twice to reply.


“You what you?” Innocent guy clearly didn’t get the message.


That’s what I meant you cannot trust a girl when she said she has enough lipstick. While women are generally reliable, when it comes to shopping slash make up slash fashion slash handbag slash clothes slash…wow that’s pretty much everything, you cannot vest 100% trust in these XX gene carriers.. SORRY NOT SORRY.

And urmmm if you are wondering how Ajai is doing, fret not please. He is just traumatized to commence any sort of business with me jer.. no big deal.



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