I Graduated!

On Tuesday October the 18th 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the one and only Universiti Malaya. The it university for legal studies, period.

Since I am now a three-month pupil-in-chamber who had my toes dipped in the real practice world, I shall admit I was not at all feeling gung-ho for my convocation. Graduation day for me equates a day when I can enjoy my leave with the fam and not thinking about the unsettled agreements or meetings yadaa yadaa. Even for a short 24-hour, man I was so looking forward for a day off!

Until I got into the Dewan Tunku Canselor and witnessed my fellow colleagues in purple robes, felt the vibes, saw my parents from afar…only then I was feeling very one kind. Kept telling Jane who sat next to me to keep cool or else we are ruining our thickly-coated lashes. All the years of primary, secondary and tertiary education I undergone was meant for this one special day! The day I had anticipated throughout years of long nights stay in the library, multiple cups of espresso, dozens of used up notepads and sacrificed highlighters…okay that was exaggerating. Who am I kidding. I preach study smart not hard okay. But in case my mom asked you about me then the above applies without prejudice, deal?


dscf8756dscf8766dscf8831dscf9185dscf9194dscf9136img_6788dscf9499Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Felt uber satisfied to breathe life to my parents’ dream and awarded them a small token of appreciation for all the kesusahan they went through to ensure I reach the spot I am standing today. To Mama and Abah the LLB is definitely yours and it is my privilege to be the first Kia to give you the scroll! For never stop believing in me, thank you. For never stop praying for me, thank you!

For sure this is not where it ends but it starts. To dear self, come on! More victories to check *cracking knuckles*

Photos by Syazwan Asyraf


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