Birthday Breakfast

What do you do when it’s your bestfriend’s birthday yet the bank statement decides to hold a grunge against you, considering you are such a non-grateful, huge spender and only recall the term “saving” when pokai d? Or maybe you are just feeling slightly kedekut than usual since Zara Trafauluc and the new Alphabet Duck deserve better priority?


You cook. You heard me right, cook is indeed the downright solution. Especially if yours fall under the second cause…


So for Mira’s birthday I invited her for a sleepover and promised to prep her favourite breakfast as birthday meal. You know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day I wanted her to get the message of her importance in my life! Ok I lied, breakfast is the easiest to prep durh. Also when I said her favourite breakfast what I had in mind was a bowl full of muesli with pumpkin seeds, topped with Greek yoghurt and lotsa lotsa fruits. Delighted even by having the thought of it!


On the sleepover night, while watching a classic Hindustani movie (don’t judge, we are both sappy in the inside) she told me:

“Kau nak masak nasi lemak kan esok?”

Wait, what nasi lemak? Since when a muesli bowl is named nasi lemak?

“Kau suka ke?” so I asked.

“Of course lah!”


Uh-oh. The woman is adamant about nasi lemak. I refused to let her down so with an awkward grin I agreed.


The next morning I anxiously rummaged my fridge and took out several core ingredients. A box of instant santan. Thank God nowhere close to expiry date! A wilted daun pandan. It’s okay, flavouring purpose only right not that we are gonna eat the pandan also what. A packet of cili giling, sadly only a spoonful left. Gulp.


Worked my magic and I have no idea how with such limited resources a plate of nasi lemak was even possible. Glad I did not follow the one-second instinct to go buy one at the stall nearby. Mira was very happy (she better be) and passed a resolution that I have her permission to get married -_-‘


The feeling of making someone happy is so worth the effort! Homemade breakfast for the bestie turned out even merrier because it was a date in PJs with no makeup on and stupid sitcom played in company. I recommend.

But first make sure you know her breakfast favourite, not yours. Lesson duly noted.


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