Warm Wishes, Cold Response

Guys, there’s a whole bunch of court cases involving DSAI out there and you’ve been sitting on your couch reading newspaper reports or unreliable blogs about his sodomy case, all your entire life. Your perception on him rotten by day and you pictured him as everything but sweet. Haven’t you?

Haven’t you?

Knew it.

Luckily for you, I am about to spill the witty trait of him probably unknown to the world, save for his supporters of course. But before I proceed further I need to put public this disclaimer. Anything I write is not in any way afflicted to political support towards him or his party or..his assistant 😛 It’s more like a normal human being judging another. We good okay?

So I was standing outside this one court room conducting long call where coincidently DSAI was tried in the adjacent court room. His trial finished earlier than the long call so he was escorted back. For one moment I insisted to walk his way ‘cause reporters were cramming and maybe for one nano-second I’ll appear in TV tiga? Kan?

But his entourage walked faster than my moves. Suddenly the public figure was five steps away from me, I became an instant Olaf, legs froze. Only my pupils were moving but I assume in that Anabelle doll creepy way of stare. Five steps, four steps, three steps, two steps, one…

Yesterday, if you had told me that man is a sweet talker I would have laughed. But it turns out the joke’s on me because he stopped before my frozen figure and told “Congratulations new lawyer”. And then of course he need to move on with life, so he walked.

Another nano-seconds of just blinking.


Okay, he was misrepresented when he congratulated me but who cares! Who bloody cares! Malaysia ex Deputy PM cum the persona who tops national’s political controversies cum the one whose cases, I had to read over and over again for Evidence law’s sake…congratulated me! In real life! Okay advance congratulations it was. His congratulatory words shall become effective seven months from now but you know what? I have no problem with that!


Believe me I walked off the Court looking all cool like this but in the side my belly was clenching at the thought.


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