Working Woman

I am sitting in DK1, trying my very best between concentrating on Prof Burn’s Evidence lecture and figuring out should there be any updated Snapchat filter with Mimi on my side. The dog one is cute… no no flower crown makes us look flawless. We are aware of our weak attention span so there goes our thoughts, wandering, flying afar to Bangsar Village. Wondermama for lunch, sounds about right nah.




Wait. Prof Burn doesn’t even know my name why would he call me?


“Kia”. A young charismatic figure stand before me and yes, I am not deaf. What do you want?


Seriously, some people are just borne with the uncanny capability to voice out others’ unspoken words. “I need you to read these agreements and come out with a legal opinion and don’t forget I need your research before 6. Thanks”


Oh. It’s Mr Boss. My surrounding abruptly changed from the woody lecture hall atmosphere to a huge cubicle, thick documents piled on left hand side and loud noise from the photocopy machine filling the atmosphere. I’m in my office, my so-called second home since more than a month ago. Gone were the blissful uni days.


*inserting some unnecessary-but-I-still-need-to-rant-about-it intro* I was offered this job three weeks before sitting for final exam, if I correctly recall. So just imagine the pressure when I sat for the finals, knowing a seat in Malaysia’s number four largest law firm is readily reserved for me. What if I screw things up? What if my CGPA decides not to compromise in the eleventh hour? And worse, what if they change their mind? *wailing at the possibilities* As much it is really pleasant to secure a job before graduating, the pressure too is real!


But the universe chose to conspire with my determination and Alhamdulillah, final exam was hitting the bull’s eye. *Again, gone were the glorious days*


To note a few revolutionized dailies-doing:

  • Checking e-mails in the morning used to be fun and oh-so-productive. Now not anymore. I’m scared to hit the inbox every sunrise, not to mention it’s so oh-ver-productive.
  • My absolute freedom of lepak-ing anywhere during daytime…also a memory deleted permanently.
  • Reading cases game has never been this intense. I know (and use) more annotations other than CLJ and MLJ now hahaha my lecturers must be hell proud of me!
  • Uni days: 8am class was impossible but now 7am also very late dy! Can finish so many tasks before 8am!
  • Won’t sleep prior to 1am in uni but to do so now? Abort mission abort mission!
  • Dating all day err day. Now, who’s Ajai? LOL.


Above all things, I’m beyond grateful for the position I am in right now. This was my dream since the first day I set foot in law school so am not taking things for granted here. Also, I refuse to sugarcoat things and describe as if I am the permanent face of ‘employee of the month’ type. In all honesty some days I just sigh, whine and I will let myself be so for a few minutes (or maybe hours) then that’s it. Transitional process I supposed, for I had too much leisure time during uni so it takes a little sometime to adjust accordingly. When I’m done, I gathered the slipping courage, recalled why I wanna be here in the first place.  And things started to fall back in place again.


I have a super awesome pupil-master whom I think I’m undeserved to be supervised under him, I have Ms Mariette (if you read this, extra brownie points please, thanks) the all-rounder lady I wish to imitate, my helpful colleagues who make my days in ZRP extra wonderful and most importantly, I’d never had a day of doing the same matter (we call the business-y stuff ‘matter’ here). Today I scrapped notes on one matter then in the next hour I’d be dealing with another.


So…up to almost two months of working now how do I clot my working life in one word?




Yes, mercurial it is.


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