Finish Law School: Goal Checked

Alright. So about my uni life which had officially ended, after a pile-full of thoughts (read: procrastination) I need to pen it down before the memory starts to fade and be lost forever. Not only because senilism knows no age but having one of the best times in my life remains unwritten is probably the last thing I’d wish.


On 21st June 2016, I sat for the very last final law paper of my degree life. It was Criminal Procedure II, one of the most driving subjects I shall admit. Two hours of writing long essays our fingers went numb, barely able to move an inch and the scenario gone pretty typical to any post-examination imaginable. Grinned from ear to ear, colossally relieved after cramming in everything about the hardest subject into our brains and puked ‘em out, took photos, Snapchat sixty millions moments because exam’s over equals to a part of life history.

After that for more than three weeks we were mentally tortured by silence. Our grades were kept silenced probably to ‘kasi chan’ enjoy Raya first before come the hurdles. Mantra we preached to ease the heart really! Circa middle July, one by one, our grades came out. And today the official one is released, for the very first time it comes with a footnote “PASS WITH HONOURS”. Alhamdulillah I aced all five! Shared the joy with family and close friends who knew every nook and cranny of myself. Ain’t no word fits impeccably to describe the feelings but one thing for sure; every time the sweet fact came across my thought, my blood still swoosh in the wheelie roller-coaster ride. I am a law graduate from University of Malaya woohoo!


So what now? Maybe a lil bit of self-check to see if, as a law graduate am I an official grown up? Shouldn’t I have my life together? Shouldn’t I be achieving amaze-balls life goals? Soon I’d probably not going to be the youngest in the office any longer isn’t it? The more I think of it, the more I do realize that adults aren’t these infallible beings. The younger me expected the older me (read: the current me) to hike up on another level of intelligence and maturity, but what can I see now some people never grow up! Sometimes I am 23 but with a mindset more matured and rational than my 45-year old mother. Sometimes I am 23 (mind you, a law graduate) but I fight over Barbie dolls more vigorously than my 9-year old sister did (and she’s not yet a high-schooler). It’s official now, grown up is a mere term! Period.

Albeit all that, I still owe my awesome uni life for shaping who I am today. I even owe to my most-cherished library called Sephora though. During those time spent in UM from Asasi year to degree years, I came together with my personality and grew as a person with every day that passed. Every victory, learning curve, meltdown (even eat, shop, movie, sleep and repeat session) has led to the ending of five precious years of self-discovery. At the end of the day I’ve found the missing pieces of me-jigsaw-puzzle like the kiasuness to ensure everything run in the most perfect way possible and my hidden talent to juggle hundred matters at once. Thanks to uni life also for if not because of it, I’d never be able to fully understand and appreciate what it means by “fall seven times stand up eight”.


For now, allow me to enjoy my quick relaxing sesh after years of working my socks off. Before rolling up it once again in the world of minimum-wage, of course.


Would love to hear from you!

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