Recent Beauty Haul

I’d done some make up shopping recently and truth be told, I hesitate on using the word ‘haul’ here because for me it connotes a big amount of make up instead of this small, ‘domestic’ amount.  Regardless of the correct word usage, I still wanna share anyway so here goes!


The Balm Hot Mama

If you are a fan of NARS Orgasm you might’ve heard it Hot Mama is a dupe version of the former, if not better. Going against the whole entire universe which proposed NARS Orgasm as the best, most universal face blush to date, I am too glad that I made this purchase. The colour is peachy with subtle hint of gold glitter and perfect for a dewy make up look. Some of my avid make-up lover friends quickly pointed out I’d Orgasm on my face but boy, they were too, tricked! For half of Orgasm’s price I’d say Hot Mama is a real-steal.

Somehow this was my first purchase from The Balm. Prior to this, I hesitated to include The Balm into my vanity considering the non-serious packaging. I am one of those people highly lured by visual appeal so the presentation of the product, personally for me is a big no no. But yeah this time I swallowed my pride and give it a go.

Repurchase in the near future? Definitely!


 The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer

Another first for me! I always feel like bronzer/ contour is for the people who take make up too seriously but now look who’s talking. Since I am fairly new to this toy, I am still in the midst of constant experiment with it. Anyhow with a very limited skill in contouring I can say this one is not too bad itself. The colour is medium/ dark brown crossed with a tiny amount of grey which makes it wonderful for sculpting out cheekbones I never knew possible! I read somewhere on the internet Bahama Mama as a bronzer is too strong for NC20-35 fellas (I am NC30) but not as a contour. I sokong.

Repurchase? Maybe.


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Bought it after realizing most of the foundations in my vanity are from the high coverage range, unsuitable for daily use. I only have two foundations with medium coverage, namely YSL Serum something something and Dior Nude Air. Since NARS Sheer Glow catches storm in the internet I decided to give it a try (like finally!).

Basically it delivers what is promised and very natural-looking. I suffer from dry skin so its dewy finish is all the aid I need!

Repurchase? Yes but in different shade. Barcelona is tad too dark for me.


MAC Persistence

Mama was restocking her MAC items and I quickly stashed this one inside her shopping bag. The SA briefed this one belongs to the nude range but personally I concurred. It’s not really nude but acceptable earthy tone suitable for daily wear. Safe to say, I abused this lipstick pretty often alongside with getting constantly complimented ’cause it suits my skin tone very, very much. The pigmentation? Well, one can never argue with MAC’s lipstick.

Repurchase? Oh why shouldn’t I!


Maybelline Color Gradiation

Drugstore steal! Oh God, I cannot articulate how abundance of love I feel for this one! The first time I had my eyes on this item was months, months ago but it was OOS at that moment. I forgo the desire to buy until recently Sara and Tayn own one each so I insist! This is in the shade Mauve 1 and has a matte finishing. The brush on the end’s tip is supposedly be used to create a subtle Korean lip but I pass that technique. Korean make up is not my thing so I use this toy in its full application. Voila!

Repurchase? Yes and it’s constantly OOS!


Dior Lip Glow Color Revival Balm

Another lip product because I am shucker that way! Ever since I owned this lipbalm, nothing else topped it. BEST. LIP BALM. EVER. PERIOD. The moisturizing is a real deal but what I love most is the way it appears on my lips. Putting it on, a sheer natural finishing will appear, and it varies with individuals because of the hot or cold element our blood exude differ to one another. (Btw us the hoo-mans are warm-blooded, cold here connotes the lower degree of hotness not the nature LOL) Even this one MUA in Bobbi Brown when I’d some shopping done, complimented on how beautiful the color on my lips was.

Repurchase? Sinful if I won’t!


So, yeah till the next purchase!


Would love to hear from you!

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