Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

I might not look like one but surprise surprise, I am very much of a ‘museum person’. I find sparks of joy in learning things physically, able to witness a catch or twos from the passé times or the best part of all is to feel like being transported back into different eras. So when in Glasgow, my itinerary includes visiting Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (hereinafter referred to as Kelvingrove) to learn things as much as I can before I got distracted by shopping districts nearby. No news.

Back to the museum, Kelvingrove caters 22-themed galleries ranging from natural history to future sciences. With such extensive theme it is highly unlikely not to find one that matches our personal interest. According to our tour guide, it has almost 8000 exhibits and unlike the other main galleries, Kelvingrove is not funded by the state government.


I noticed not having an extensive snaps of the sculptures/ arts displayed in Kelvingrove because honestly it was too leceh to stop and snap everything when I still have to digest on my readings. The volunteer who handled our tour, on the other hand, seemed eager to move from one point to another, swiftly. So, limited shots speak for itself:


Down here is the Central Hall, looking towards the Pipe Organ which was initially installed for concert held in the there. Later it became a permanent feature in the hall  when the Councillor denoted the art gallery will be a body without a soul, should the organ is removed.


For a free-to-enter gallery, I am still in awe with Kelvingrove’s astonishing architecture. It is built in a Spanish Baroque style and follows the tradition of using Locharbriggs red sandstone. What I have jot down in my notebook might not be comprehensive but a trivia worth the attention is this- myth articulated that the gallery was accidently built back-to-front. So when the architect realised mistake in his pot, he jumped from one of the towers in despair. Any chance for the myth to be true, I had no way of knowing but personally I’m not buying it LOL.


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