Raya 2016

As a kid I treated Eid a ticket to get gung ho with duit raya hence scoring more than 100 ringgit used to be considered a #goal.

Later I got smitten by the aging bugs and suddenly duit Raya no longer topped my Raya priority but reuniting with worldly-scattered besties is. Isn’t it funny how slight timing creates huge differences, yes? Bet in the next age I will be looking forward to resting at home, goyang kaki, appreciating every second from my leave because them adults (read: friends who are working atm) are demonstrating to me in that particular way, strengthening the idea of how leave is considered lux when you labour sweat.

Anyhow I still had a joyous one, albeit the fact I have bigger things to worry! Family get-togethers, bestfriend nudging shamelessly to alternate open houses, the foods, ohhh I don’t have to tell you in exact details how blissful Raya time is!

a2Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetIMG_3030IMG_3255a10

Attempting a flipshawl aint no easy business, I tell you…


Oh yes. High school squad in fake candid shots…


By the way Hanna and I wore the almost similar LBD so my other friends got ignored (LOL) and the spotlight was on for both of us, the new era twinsies.  As you can see, impressive chemistry to one another.


Scrappin’ bontot included…


While Muslims in Malaysia are blessed with another peaceful Eid, the situation is not mutual in several places in the world. Our heart is still throbbed with the recent Madinah’s suicide bomb attack, the one in Istanbul Atartuk Airport which snatched away innocent lives, news which are devastated to learn! Consecutive events like this seem to suggest to the world terrorism as inevitable, as something fated to be. So recent ones merely confirmed the instinctive theory we already knew. Since and till when this has to stick with us, I have no way of knowing. One thing we can be sure of is we are never fond of such violence wrapping us. Sincerely hoping for a world coated in peace! Salam Aidilfitri, MZB.


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