Our Very First Baby Shower

This is fairly new for me. One of our very own Pau girl is about to pop out soon! (Pau refers to the name of my clique in law school anyway). She’s 30 weeks pregnant so being the nicest friends we are, the other seven Pau girls, including me threw out a baby shower for her. Sort of obligatory since we own all the time in the world now…yeah.

The initial plan was to have the party thrown at Lake Garden but since KL’s weather is not compromising, we had to cancel out the plan, patah balik UM and by hook or by crook need to come out with another alternative. By that time everyone was smitten by hunger bugs, sweated from head to toe, swung by mental irrationalities after 6-hour preps fruited in nothing so to end all those inconveniences, we decided to throw the party at the renowned Samali Tree House. Here’s a few snaps to share:


This view is common to us, please don’t bother these two!

Now everyone wanna experience how it feels like to have a ‘baby’ in the belly!IMG_1550IMG_1558IMG_1563

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

IMG_1608IMG_1607Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_1596IMG_1594IMG_1591



It was indeed a good evening. We made Sya a maze runner, cause she needs to find her ‘Mommy-to-be’ sash inside the maze! Nasib baik tak sesat! We even hopped into motherhood bandwagon as we shoved balloons inside our tops so Sya wasn’t the only one expecting. Feeling it, gurl!

Having said so, this baby shower was the first in the list and we had a good time celebrating our mommy-to-be. It might take away sleeps, sweats and energy but in the end it’s worth it to commemorate moments like this because it doesn’t come often. Yelah, we have no idea who is next and when will it be! redface


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