So Long, Advocacy!

I recall the junior days when I bumped into them seniors in black and white suit, looking exquisitely sharp and classy, like a real solicitor. Everyone knows monochrome falls within the cliché ambit for any law student so the typical response supposedly be ‘mehhhh’ but I can’t help it! I was awed, inspired and (dare I say) anticipated for my turn.

Years forward, and not too much to denote the journey happened in a blink of eye because the last thing I realized, I was in the position I used to adore profoundly. A senior, teamed up with five other closest comrades, represented characters that never existed, for the sake of advocacy! There you go, dream came true but did I enjoy it?

Of course lah! Finally three years of learning substantive laws came into practice. It’s nothing close to the dramas you watch okay. Suit lah, Law and Order lah or for God’s sake Legally Blonde…it’s nothing close to that! In-court action took up at most 45% of advocacy works and the balance goes to the BTS, really! So it goes without saying that having a supportive team is crucial. And supportive team is made of bunch of people with different capabilities- the research goddesses, the speakers, the initiators. And luckily for me, my team have it all! (though we are skeptically labelled as the feminists flock hish)



Alhamdulillah, the trial is over but we are still waiting for the verdict that will be delivered by Justice Magesan Ayavoo  for this Priya Channai Wong v Tony Narain & 2 Ors 😀 Whatever the outcome is, whichever party gonna win afterwards, I’m glad to undergo all these, to learn from the most respectable figures, and of course, to be part of the drama 😛 Say what also lah, drama is inevitable, it is the salt and pepper for advocacy but at the end of the day everything will just fit into its place, just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Haih, speaking of the nearing end…


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