Wedding Weekend

You know, at this age I no longer find it surprising having to receive wedding invitations from friends, one after another. Like, each time Facebook notified me or they personally PM-ed me, I am no longer the gung-ho woman demanding my friend to spill every drop of detail like I used to.

And this weekend alone I have six invitations in total but being a normal human myself, my hands and legs are tied to commitments and few other limitations so I attended only three. Feels so good to reunite with familiar faces from high school and this the time we went all out asking each other the sorcerous ‘when is your turn’ question. I feel them! We are the generations who received this question very frequently from aunties so if not now to be all kepochi, then when?


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I dragged my usual kenduri partner to have a fair share of sweating under the scorching sun, cursing over mad traffic jams and most importantly to celebrate my friends’ significant milestones. Wishing you guys who are more likely than not at this moment, floating in floral rowboats and bearing with #goals comments on your wedding pictures, to take a good care of each other and have a positive marriage till Jannah seventh floor! And oh one more thing, better be prepared with the other level of kepochi pop-quiz coming your way soon lol! 😛


Would love to hear from you!

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