Dare To Dream

Some of you might be aware that aside from reading laws, I am gushing adrenaline with a few part time jobs. I would say on a minor basis this resulted from the country’s economic downfall (that demands us to do at least #2Kerja, yes?) but majorly because I wanted to. Big yaaaaas to venturing into different perspectives in life.

With that spirit last two weekends my team and I, we were hired by a private college to run a two-day seminar that involves two hundred plus final year students. When our Managing Director briefed on how the seminar will be a complete distinct from what we were used to (read: public speaking training) I got chill in my nerve because…because…it was a motivational-themed seminar. I mean, for someone who is very capable of spawning thousands or million thousands of excuses just for the sake of mengelat motivational camp, given the duty to motivate people is so not cool. Or so not right. And please don’t get me started on my tendency to ridicule motivational speakers… again, in ma face moment 2.0! Dejavu!


But I did it! We did it! The whole ‘Dare to Dream’ was a major success! At the end of the day, we rolled down the event with full hopes that our trainees’ dreams are now highly visible, that they are now going all gaga to chase their respective dreams, learn the importance of having a solid support system and not to forget, to contribute back to their parents, society, religion and this world!

Anyhow let’s put it this way. I wasn’t merely coaching but the learning process happened to be symbiotic. They learned from me, and I learned from them. During our sharing session some of the trainees shared with me their very own hardships slash dark life experiences which I bet if I were to set my foot in their boots, I could barely make any footstep in a day, what else in years! From their stories, my mentees indirectly taught me the importance to always, always grips back and be prolific to our own roots because it is our own root that shapes who we are today.


Post event, apa lagi makan makan sesh laaa! Anyway, I’m quite chuffed to this motivational-kinda-thingy now. How?


Would love to hear from you!

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