Grammar Nazi; In Ma Face!

We all have that one friend who finds joy in correcting misspelled words, finds no peace until the finest nib of adverb use is reached, or even finds it very itchy to sit still until a tiny-miny grammatical boo-boo is fixed. This friend ladies and gentlemen, is what we call the Grammar Nazi. Ah-ha, recall having one?

Me too. Because that ‘friend’ in my list is…me myself. Sorry, one of my top natural bete noirs.. *grinnn*

That makes me easily bothered even with the simplest mistake i.e. not knowing how to differentiate between your and you’re, their or they’re (Oh God WHY!!). If that doesn’t tickle your infuriating buds yet, consider this; I tend to correct one’s pronunciation as well especially people who are close to me. Is anyone named Ajai or Adie or Adam reading this?

By the way, last night hit me so hard in my face. Was having early dinner with Qeela and Mira at this one Japanese restaurant. Since the three of us went there with spaces in our stomach that probably can fit a plane, we greedily picked up plates by plates of sushi on the conveyor belt while waiting for our mains to arrive. By the time I finished what seemed to me the tenth plate, my tummy could not tolerate any more foods. Ten plates earlier, I was contemplating to finish off the yakisoba in a blink of eyes but not this time. Even the thought of it made me feel so sick. So I waved my hands and asked the waiter;

“Excuse me, could you please take this away?”

He looked puzzled. Mira looked puzzled. Qeela looked puzzled.

They looked at me, I looked at them.

What? What have I done wrong? Did I just said something wrong? Oh no…

“Take away lah bukan take this away” Mira finally spoke.

That’s it! I was flushing crimson! I wanted to hide my face under the table! I wished I had the superpower to turn myself invisible from the world! I wished I was Mira and not Kia!


All the moments of me being the most irritating person to correct people’s grammar during casual conversation hit my memory like a metal gunner. All these days of me being conceitedly clueless as to why people regard me annoying when I was trying to help them flashed like a movie trailer.  Gosh! No more why, I know it all. That woman named Mira just answered it all in one single correction!

Calling all Grammar Nazis in the world, let’s resist the urge to correct people. Or for slower transitional process, I don’t know, maybe try to Google “how not to be an annoying Grammar Nazi”? Whatevs, if you are still having the binge to be one, abort mission. I repeat, ABORT MISSION!


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