That One Guy Who Will Never, Ever Offend Me

Okay, so let’s agree on this- Daddies are the best man ever in the world! Ditch your brother, ditch your boyfriend, ditch your husband! Aside from no cash pocket is thicker than daddy’s, there is no assurance more comforting than this guy who make our presence into this world, possible. 

Last Friday I woke up and baked potato gratin for the whole fam. My poor relationship with cooking slash baking shows on every dish I made so this one too (unsurprisingly) was not an exception! The gratin was slightly burnt, with a surface losing its moisture. Kinda looked like Mars’ surface tbh. Frustrated, I stared furiously at the gratin and not kidding, I was about to shove it down the trash. That’s when my dad came. He complimented after looking so puzzled for a couple of secs and insisted to try it on.

“Eh sedap! Look, I finished the whole of it! Gimme some more!”

Smiled. Ahhh there’s light at the end of the tunnel again! At least there’s a soul who appreciates my hours of efforts…


When I said efforts, I really meant efforts.

This, how the gratin looks like. Brought this for a little picnic at S’ place (the one who baru masuk asrama). DON’T JUDGE!



My gratin looking so lonely…

IMG_8803IMG_8805Bottom-line is, no matter how horrible my cooking are my dad will always be the one to finish them and encourage me to do more in the future. That helps! I used to cook only once in two months and now twice in a month… hehe. And this, a crystal-clear, not at all an ambiguous subliminal message I am conveying to my possible future husband- I am very open to criticism but my cooking is an exception! Emulate daddy’s senses or I’ll just marry him. Period.

p/s Daddy I know you are reading this so there’s this one facial essence I want..


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