Sisters and Boarding School

A lot of things happened in the past three weeks and I am in dire need for a moment of silence to jot everything down. Tayn finally toots me with the news, semester seven result’s out, new business running extremely well, ex-classmate and great-uncle passed away (may Allah bless their souls, Al-Fatihah) and very recently, kalah debat. Sorry I got your half minute wasted  with the mixed-up intro but the real gist is I wanna ramble about my sisters…

Who were offered placements in two different MRSMs. Bammmm!

These two sisters of mine; T and S are two very opposite human beings. The former has excessive confidence, self-assured, domineering traits and bonus, IDGAF attitude but the latter, hahh one can hardly believe she’s my sister! Quite a shier, humble, courteous and by now you should already know which one is the most likeable “Kia” of all.

So when the news hit the town, I asked if they both wanna go. Firmly, T rejected the offer without any second thought but not S. Surprisingly dia nak la pulak! There plan to indoctrinate my sibs that boarding school is no cool clearly doesn’t work. But S already went to her new school yesterday and T already agreed with me not to attend school tomorrow -___-‘

To my sister S, Kak Long is so proud of you. Believe me when I say boarding school will give you a new perspective in life, out of disguise I genuinely meant it. I hope you will mature in no time, befriend people with different backgrounds, be more advance in academics and most importantly, learn how to ‘fly’ balik rumah every week just like I did. Good old times…

About S, she called last night, reporting everything is good and so far seniors are treating them well. Happy to hear that but let’s see if she’ll report the same thing next week.

And if you are wondering about T, fret not. She is the girl. While her other classmates who are in the same “we-rejected-boarding-school-so-what-boat” gave excuses ‘I am not yet ready’, ‘my mom didn’t allow me’, ‘takut homesick’ reasons when asked by the teacher, T only replied:


“Should I go there I am not confident scoring straight A’s for SPM. But here saya kerat jari lah saya boleh”


Haha my steady-meady sister, you! lol


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