Nasi Lemak

Throughout the whole exam week, I fed on oat and Milo (coffee occasionally) for breakfast. Not that I am that dying to stay in and very taken aback by exam konon study banyak lah kan, but I was the laziest person to go out and properly eat something.

Most of the time the oat and Milo lasted till the next morning with several cookies’ breaks in between and of course no nasi. I dislike being ‘heavy’ during exam week so I avoided rice as often as I can.

Now since the exam is over, I am back home, a Kelantanese some more so I demand nasi for breakfast! Huk aloh! Well I am still having a tough time getting my wish granted of course because everyone else in this house is either working or attending school. Sigh. The closest carbs I get is more often than not, fucilli.

But last weekend mama was absolutely available so I bugged her to make me nasi lemak. Never been a breakfast favorite, that one, but I was randomly thinking about Village Park the entire week. I am biased but my mother’s version is way beyond the universe- now Village Park who!?  See it yourself:


If you are silently judging the burnt peanuts, here’s the truth- I goreng them. And here’s the story. No matter how dying I am to lend a helping hand, my mother was not fully convinced but still nak jaga hati kan, so she let me fry the peanuts.

In a grip of anxiety I questioned how long should I fry, how deep the oil so on so forth to the extent of feeling very itchy to Google “how to fry peanuts”, only to receive bewildered frowns by Mama so okay, no Google. But that is what you get when you refused me to! Minus the burnt peanuts, everything else taste so damn good!

Oat and Milo, we are officially divorced with no slight chance of reconciliation.


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