Week Fourteen

You may choose not to believe in almost everything in life but you just can’t be a non-believer to this quote – time is gold. In case where gold is not your thing, just substitute gold with something you personally find too precious that you will never, ever trade it with anything else in this world. The reason behind believing in this quote is pretty self-explanatory I guess. No one can fork out cash and buy time nor can anyone offer to sell theirs.

Right here before I knew it, it is already week fourteen in uni which means first term is coming to its end and to add salt to the wound ladies and gents; final exam is already within reachable distance! *insert freaking out emoji*

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

But in all seriousness, I still have the time to do more and more flat-lay haha!

Well, gonna sit for three papers this final because the other two subjects are 100% continuous-assessment-based. And within this final two days, I only have one advocacy trial, one criminal procedure presentation, four more tutorial classes and an etiquette dinner with big-shot lawyers to give it a go! Also just like anyone else, I worry about not having enough time to properly revise every flick in the syllabus especially when everything is quite clumped up in week fourteen.

That is why I am religiously visiting any nearby cafes to sit down alone and at least starting to scrap off something! Or just another excuse to visit ’em, whichever sounds more relevant.

photo 2

Depending on how we interpret it, week fourteen can be one helluva ride or the most trouble-free week in a semester. Former is mine, latter is my roommate’s. And in case where your frightened bell is not yet ringing, try to attend revision classes within this eleventh hour. Like this morning we had one with Mrs Mariette Peters and most of us seemed to baru nak ada vision, not doing REvision! Scary I tell you!

So please consider this post as a two-week prior notice of the upcoming hiatus. Blog will be pretty vacant for quite sometimes LOL.


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