Weekend Getaway to Bukit Tinggi

Some of my closest clans had been telling me how nice Bukit Tinggi is for some weekend escapade. Some even coaxed to stay there for one to two nights but I don’t know, the idea never hit my interest. LOL. Until yesterday Ajai and I, we wanted to catch this one movie in  cinema but upon seeing rails of cars on the queue we cancelled the plan almost immediately. Exactly, if any of us have been telling you all these while how competitive and determined we are, it’s a lie guys. A lie. In situation like this, I’d rather surrender than having to sweat my butt in the car and then bearing the headache swimming in a sea of human. No thanks.

‘So now how?’ I asked. I was so prompted to drag him along to Bangsar Village as FV launched their flagship store yesterday but I gave it a second thought. BV is still a mall and a mall is definitely not Ajai-friendly.

‘Jom minum-minum’

‘Yes, but where?’

‘Bukit Tinggi’. There you go. Dejavu moment. You, old man, belong to the same group as my kiasu friend. What’s more when half of my heart is already flying somewhere to Level 2 BV 2. But before I can say anything, as if he got the telepathic superpower to read my mind he assured me that we will return as soon as we can and he’ll teman me shopping after that. Extra-persuasive point being submitted: Instagram-worthy.

He bought me at Instagram guys, I was instantly sold!


Literally took 10 minutes to cover everything! Walked from the entrance till a viewing tower at its end, snap a photo and then that’s it -___-‘

IMG_6258Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

This place slightly reminds me of Stratford Upon Avon in London, minus the shops and cafes. Way nicer in Stratford to be honest. redface It’s a shame when we already have this kind of place in Malaysia but the commercial ‘exploitation’ is still below the par. Surrounding view is already very superb but that is all about it! Instead of having arcade or 6D cinema I think it’s way better to have historical houses or museums where we can actually learn something since the place itself is already a resemblance to medieval french village.

In the end we don’t even sit down and sip a drink, lol. I insisted to go back to BV and have some nice coffee there in a newly-opened coffee shop named….Fashion Valet. Teehee!

I knew it. I am the most fair-and-square girlfriend in the world lollollollollol


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