December is Here

I’ve encountered this quote that says December is the Friday of the year. A bit taken aback, I cannot tahan but to ask what does that means? And why? Generating logics, Friday links weekdays to the very much awaited weekend so it could probably be December linking a year to another. Transition period kinda thang. Well, closest I can think of and quite make sense.

Anyhow, as much as I am so anticipated for December my heart is feeling tad too heavy to let go of November. No news, November is definitely my month and each year I vowed to my inner self to achieve most things in the month which I declared ownership on, tehee. This year, it couldn’t be any better. Reached 23 years of living Alhamdulillah, reached another milestone with Ajai, my sisters got crowned with notable awards, nailed my third time on the Gender Debate’s final stage, crowned champion for Pidato Media which I honestly gave it a go for my dearest Syasya so I considered the winning as a pure luck, shopped like mad (parents’ allowances are typically more generous when it’s birthday month), do sport and a couple of good news from closest pals! Bear in mind that November is midterm period so all of the above were done at the same time when I juggled with law tests and assignments.


Finally properly celebrated my birthday dinner..


This roti canai…is major love. It has to be on the blog.

And now since December is already here, time to absolutely slow down with everything. Final exam is officially lesser than 30 days so I guess my focal point is becoming clearer now. I need my YES. Nope, not Malaysia Airlines’ Year-End-Sale though that one is far more convincing but my very own Year-End-Success. Sooo…lame but true lah! If there is some more bucketlist’s boxes of ours that remain unchecked until today, take December as our final chance to check the unchecked!


Oh yes. My only highlight in the flat lay is the December calendar but everything else seems to stealing the limelight. Let’s werrrkk for the final month of 2015, peeps!


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