Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle

Scotland has too many castles to compliment its beautiful nature. And it’s a sin to miss one! I feel so hypocrite to be honest, because I’d never visited any castle in Malaysia when there are like…10? in my hometown alone. *short pause* But that’s the thing. When I am abroad, I love exploring different prisms on broader spectrum. Museums, castles, even zoo (yes zoo!) attract my interest! After shopping of course..

And this is one of the many castles I visited in Scotland. Quite destructed but considering it was there since early 1200’s I can’t help but to admire the sturdy structure which remains up till today. Some says it was there since 4000 years ago. If that does not impress you much, please consider the fact that Urquhart Castle stood on a rocky promontary on the north shore of Loch Ness. Yes! Overlooking the legendary Loch Ness! Which means, to set foot on the castle you gotta cruise along the beautiful Loch Ness itself.

IMG_6824photo 2

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(Topshop coat, Atmosphere sweater top, H&M jeans)

Loch Ness is known for the legendary mystical monster Ness and was named after it. Ness refers to some sort of cryptic in dinosaur feature we all should be scared of me thinks. But from what they portrayed in the many souvenir shops were completely a whole different story lol! Ness in the form of fridge magnets, soft toys, or even keyrings were cute dinos no one can’t resist!

Anyways, after 15 minutes of not spotting even a trace of Ness in the water, the cruise arrived at the bank of the lake. Now it’s castle time.

photo 4IMG_6838IMG_6841IMG_6852IMG_6856IMG_6888

Looking quite lame isn’t it? I was so enthusiastic to explore the King’s dining room, only to discover it was smaller than my bathroom and need to climb up a very steep stairs that led me to the high Tower. Huh, nak makan also have to risk life.

Guess this castle is not about avant-garde architectures but more inclining towards sentimental value and the majestic view surrounding it. After all what innovative architecture you do expect from a 4000-year-old castle? Durh.

So in an overall context, say you pay Aviemore a visit do not miss Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle. For eight pounds to relatively experience bits of medieval history, I say it’s worth it.


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