Words From A 23-Year-Old

Today I am 23 years and 4 days old.

Hello, I did not forget my own birthday but on the actual date I was very, very occupied. All I can do for my birthday was having a quick, good breakfast in Bangsar with Ajai, got my heart touched with some flowers and that’s it. Life ran as usual! Back to juggling assignments and trainings. So much Kate Middleton traits in me.rolleyes

photo 2

Birthday ootd (can lah, once in a year only): Top from Mango Suit, Palazzo from Zara, Blackcurrant Duckscarves.

Anyways, you may call me a sombre and sad person. I do actually have the option to fly back home and celebrate my birthday with the fam, receive even more care and boundless love on my most special day…but I chose to stay in uni. When it was mid-semester break. When everyone else’s home. When the nearest semester break is only in January. The sighs can literally go on forever!

Albeit the burnt 10 days, I had something in return. The reason why I did not return home was because I had a debate tournie exactly on my birthday. Choosing to stay in uni is an extremely difficult decision for a homesick fella like me, who can never sail the day without thinking about how nice my house is. But whatever, those are now history. I’m not all alone after all. MORUM family celebrated my pre-birthday what. Although it had to be when I was so selekeh and all, thanks lah.

photo 4

And lastly… this.

Took me quite sometimes to digest this losing. But if struggle is the only way to learn, I’m using it as an opportunity for self-love and growth now. Cutting off negative cords from this losing so I can quickly move on with life. My very third final stage for Gender Debate, but the worst! Nailed the ‘Johan Liga’ title but crowned only forth place when it comes to final. Guess this is the utmost priceless birthday present given straightly from God; strength. I’ve felt like this before and I’ll get past it again. After all, we’re never given more than we can handle.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

But…omg, cry a bucket crycrycrycrycrycrycry



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