One For This Evening

Right now I am in the midst of finishing my Criminal Procedure assignment, accompanied by moderate rain pouring outside the window, alternating my focus between works and Made In Heights’ playlist. Everything about this weather nowadays is extremely soothing; it’s either the rain or clear-blue sky. Well, we might not  be getting chilled by crispy fall here in Malaysia but I save such complaints within myself. Rain also is no shrinking violet what! I love, love everything about the rain! The smell, the sound, the view, the cold!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetLike yesterday, I took a stroll around my uni and noticed a park. Durh, not really a proper park like the ones in London of course (sorry to disappoint) but some place where greenery are dominating, perfect for uni ootd shot. You know, those typical shots that make you look smarter or the ones normally uploaded on uni’s official portal? Sadly it is a rare occurrence to see me 24/7-ready for any kind of ootd these days where I am basically made of sweater top, basic jeans, flats, laptop and a very basic satchel/ sling-bag.. Such fashion is no news to any final year student, thank God. Albeit the very sloppy look that even our Queen Beyonce won’t approve, my itchy to do ootd bug still bothers me hence the photos. Hehe.

What a sombre life, no?

In any course, I better get going with my essay. 3000 words and I’m still stuck somewhere in 950. Slow phase, slow phase!

Chow and happy mid-term break fellas!


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