Mira’s Convocation

Mira graduated a couple of days ago and being a pioneer in the trio to be honoured in graduating robe and mortar board whatnots, Qeela and I were literally obliged to attend her big day. Believe me when I claim everytime we chatted in the Whatsapp group, she reminded us on a constant basis;

“Jemput hadir semua konvo aku Rabu ni bersama bunga”

What a cordial invitation. Like we actually had any choice, durh.

So I promised Qeela to pay Floristika a visit, buy two to three types of fresh flowers and squeeze our creative juice to produce a confirmed-filthy-punya bouquet. I mean what’s so hard with putting together peonies, hydrangeas, roses and leaves, no? Expectation was to go there by nine. Reality was Qeela still stuck in between her clinical commitments and me, stuck in bed draining from advocacy’s exhaustion.

11.00 am: Knewing there was already no hope to proceed with plan A, I texted Qeela to ask if she’s ready.


11.30 am: Mira started to text excitedly where are you guys with all types of smiley emojis added. smilebiggrinsurprisedlolrazz

Oh no. “Jap Qeela still clinical”

12.30pm: Mana korang. No happy emoji any longer.

*Gulp* Otw dah!

Both of us reached Dewan Tunku Canselor at roughly 1pm when in reality the journey to DTC took lesser than five minutes, with no flower bouquet in our hands. I snuck a glance to see if Mira was boiling with anger but she was looking just fine, perky as usual. Albeit the extremely terrible inconveniences caused by us, that woman still able to grin from ear to ear, greet us with her jolly smile. It’s a good thing that convocation keeps one in a constant happy mode, phew!

I used to tease Mira a lot during her study times, contending she’ll be doomed in a career life that focuses merely on what’s underneath the microscope without any interactions with the public. And for that sooner or later she’ll go nuts over the killing boredom muahaha! (WARNING: Do not say this to someone you are not close enough with). Mira understood why I teased her that way since microscope is the only scientific and laboratory-related tools I knew. If I knew a thing about CT scanner, machines for sonogram whatever grams that time, of course I guna that lah over microscope to sound smarter.

Now that she’s already been wearing the ‘career woman tag’ for quite sometime and so far nothing in her job-scope relates to my previous rapacious contention. Congratulations girlfriend for done ticking off one your parents’ biggest dreams and I pray for abundance success will trail your pathway. You are a living proof to the world that ponteng kelas, sneaked out during lectures to buy cucuk-cucuk, being backbenchers during PASUM days won’t ruin any future teehee!


Ahhh, less than a year for my turn!


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